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It’s been a while since I wrote a totally random post, but today seemed as good a day than ever – so here goes.

Yesterday, a friend on Facebook (Donna Beckley Galanti for those who want to check out her page), posted a status asking what our addiction for the day was. Naturally, as my mind is always on men (purely for character research you understand), I commented ‘Paul Walker’.

This then had me thinking. Yes, I do think. Why does a certain type of man stand out to me? What is it about these particular individuals that hold my interest?

So, without further ado, and with the help of Paul Walker, Jensen Ackles, Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, and Timmy Olyphant, here’s my Top Ten of what makes my perfect man.


Oh come on. Did you really think I was going to say ‘personality’? This body is awesome! I’d be the biggest liar on the planet if I put this anywhere other than first on my list.


Timmy Olyphant is well over 6 feet. I think he is something yummy like 6.4. I have shoe heels taller than this so I need a man with height to hold on too.


Blue, brown, green, or Hazel. They must have that ‘sparkle’. Eyes are the window to your soul and what draw me in. I want to get lost in dreamy eyes.


Ask my hubby…I absolutely hate long hair on a man. The back of a mans neck is a sexy thing…. hair should be cut every week, well-shaped, and defined. Long or messy haircuts are a big turn-off!


I don’t mean I need him to be a biker hooligan. But, a man needs to be able to take care of himself….. and me! A strong, gun totting, fast thinking, martial artist  hunk isn’t too much to ask for – is it?


Strong and fearless is good, but a man still needs to show he is human.


Isn’t excitement and mystery the secret of really keeps a girl interested? The exhilaration of stepping outside our comfort bubble and trying something completely different is an adrenaline buzz. No? Oh well, it’s just me then.


Oh My God! This scene makes me melt. Enough said.


Boy, do I like to laugh. A lot. I’ve been told I have a laugh like Harriet Potter from Carry On Camping. My hubby even has it as my caller ring tone on his phone. If a guy doesn’t have a sense of humour (and he needs one with my laugh), then I don’t care how many abs he has. He’s gone.


This is a null and void question. If the man has all of the above then he will have a personality I will love. So, lets talk cars and money instead :)


Just what we all want to see when being picked up by our date. Come on, it is a fantasy after all. :)

I’d like to thank Donna Beckley Galanti for pulling me away from my novel deadline so I could spend the morning lusting over these men.

Now, I want you lot out there to let me know what you think makes the perfect man. If you can’t sum it up, them let me know what TV character does it for you. Men, you can have a go – but let me know what attributes make the perfect woman. :)

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We’re all writers, right?

And every story starts with a beginning. So I thought I’d share the beginning of my writing journey with you.

Like 95% of writers, I have always loved writing. Back in the eighties, 1985 on a Friday night if memory serves, I used to video tape (remember those)?, a TV cop show called Dempsey and Makepeace.  Then on the Saturday morning I’d get up at the crack of dawn, before anyone else, and watch, write, and rewind the show until I’d written the whole script. Makes me laugh now, knowing how easy it is today to find scripts on that revolutionary tool called the internet. But, back in ’85, I had to make do with a VCR, writing pad, and my trusty biro.

The crime stopping duo

So what was my reason for doing this?

Why, to adapt the episode into a novel of course.

And my passion for writing never dwindled. Well, I misplaced it for a few years while I went to college, worked in a chartered accountants, slogged my guts out at OK! Magazine, and wrote a car off while at Essex Police.

Then, a few years ago I began writing articles for magazines and my passion returned.

So, how did I get to where I am now? Well, I have two different stories.

The first involves a lady you all know very well; the fabulous Kristen Lamb. By sheer luck, she came across a chapter I’d written on the internet, and through sheer generosity, she emailed me some critism. And, there began my novel writing career and my friendship with a true hero.

Up until that point, I’d only written one novel; a romantic thriller called ‘The Stalker’. Friends had read it and loved it and naturally I thought, “Hey, I’m onto a winner here.”

I worked hard with Kristen as she bomboozeled me with plotting, character profiling, the three act structure, conflict, ARC’s, inciting incidents, antagonists, protagonists, minions, Big Boss Trouble-makers and, oh yeah, pulling me out of my comfort zone, I realised what a load of rubbish I’d actually written. The story was okay but the characters were so boring and one dimentional – worse, they had no flaws!

Of course, now I’m a fully fledged psychotic nutter and there’s no switching off my imagination. In fact, my tag line “I could write for Days of our Lives” as seen in my banner, is Kristen’s description of me.

So began my second novel. Only this one I was writing the Warrior Writers Boot Camp (WWBC) way. After months of researching, character profiling, plotting, and re-plotting, I was ready to start writing another thriller……

Only Jason Statham could play my villain

And then I met Natalie Hamilton-Duggan. She’d just finished film school in London, wanted to write a paranormal screenplay, and asked if I’d like to help. At first I was a little apprehensive. I am not a massive YA paranormal fan. Sure I like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, and Supernatural is one of my favorites, but I’d had enough of vampires. They’d been done to death. After a full five minutes deliberating, I agree to become a co-writer. I knew nothing about script writing but what the hell. There was one condition though….. No Vampires!

So, together we began to plot out a story. Kristen’s WWBC training became invaluable and I applied it to screenwriting the same as I had my novel.

Now I was working on two different stories in two different formats at the same time.

It was during this time that Kristen invited me out to Texas to attend the DFW Writing Convention. I thought, why not? I could pitch my novel to an agent and see what they thought.

Also, Natalie and I had finished the script to the now titled “Legend”, and decided to take the plunge and stop in L.A. first, you know, to see if we could get a bite out there. We emailed hundreds of queries and waited.

Wayne Alexander, an entertainment lawyer, read it and promptly emailed it across to Amy Schiffman, a manager and literary agent colleague of his at IPG. She loved the script and wanted to meet us.

So out go Natalie and I, wet behind the ears, totally out of our depth, and expecting the whole experience to swallow us whole. We couldn’t have been more wrong. We loved Wayne and Amy, and they seemed to love us. Amy became our manager, gave us a ton of ideas to start work on, and asked if I would adapt the script into a novel.

After three whirlwind days in L.A., Natalie and I flew to Texas; where I pitched an idea for a book I hadn’t even thought of writing two days previously. Luckily the agent loved the idea and asked to see a chapter or two when I’d written them. Oh yeah, as if that wasn’t amazing enough, Kristen gave me a fabulous stetson and took me shooting, and I brought a wicked pair of cowboy boots.


Since then Natalie and I have written two TV pilots and I’m half way through writing ‘Legend’ (the novel version). I’ve two agents in the UK who are also waiting to read it.

With regards to WWBC, I now help Kristen teach other writers, along with my WWBC team mates and writing buddies, Piper BayardNigel BlackwellKerry Meacham, and Xandra James. I just hope I can help them as much as Kristen has helped me.

So, what’s your story? How did you start writing? How long have you been writing? Do you have an agent? Have you been published? How did you feel seeing your book in print? Have you even just taken a chance and come up trumps?

If you want more of me, I can be found on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Linkedin

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I was going to blog about writing today, but a wierd thing happened to me at the beginning of the week and with it, mixed responses. It made me question whether my decision was right or wrong. Let me explain.

On Monday, I’d arranged to see a friend. As I neared her house, a police car drove up behind me, lights flashing and sirens wailing. I pulled my car to the kerb to let him pass and then continued on my way.

The police car stopped not far from my friends house. Passengers from two stationary buses had unborded and the police officer were talking to a young man.

I got to my friends front door, watched the police for a few minutes (as I’m nosey), then went inside.

An hour later there was a knock at the door. My friend was busy making lunch and asked if I would answer it. When I opened the door, a young man smiled, apologised for bothering me, and politely asked if I would telephone for an ambulance as he had chest pains. I recognised him immediately as the young gentlemen the police had removed from the bus some sixty minutes earlier, and I questioned him on this. He confirmed it had indeed been him and that he’d only been trying to get to the hospital.

The smell of alcohol was evident, and his demeanor suggested he’d had more than one drink. Nevertheless, I told him to wait where he was and I would telephone an ambulance.

After I shut the door, my friend asked who had knocked. I explained the situation to her and then telephoned the local police station. They asked several questions: How old was the gentleman? What was he wearing? My friends address? I explained the earlier bus situation and that I suspected the young man to be intoxicated, hence why I opted to phone the police and not an ambulance. The police said they’d send an officer and also contact the medical service.

I relayed this message to the young man, who still waited on the doorstep, and then shut the door again.

Outside was absolutely freezing and at this point I also considered taking out a blanket to keep him warm. My friend laughed at me and said she would have sent him on his way. But, her mum said she would have done the same as I.

Also, by now the man had drank another can of beer and now lay on the doorstep.

Less than ten minutes later a paramedic arrived. He parked a few houses down and my friend told me to go outside and get him – which I did. The paramedic checked the man, who was now unresponsive and to be honest, looked dead.

Eventually, the man opened his eyes. The paramedic worked wonders. Within two minutes we knew the guys name, age, and that he stayed in a shelter. He was only twenty-five. This revelation brought tears to my eyes. How could someone so young have already reached such a low?

The paramedic discussed the complaint of chest pains and explained that an ambulance was on it’s way but the young man couldn’t lie just to get a warm bed for the night.

Then the ambulance arrived and the man was propped up and helped into the back.

At this stage I went back indoors.

My friend thought I was totally nuts even entertaining this man in the first place, and my sister, who I later retold the story to, agreed. However, my mum and my friends mum said I’d acted correctly. My husband sat on the fence with his decision because he knows me and understood my conscious wouldn’t, regardless of this mans lifestyle, let me live with turning him away.

I am not a stupid person. I have worked for the police. I know how to deal with people, how to question people (well, apart from I when I am with Kristen Lamb and we visit Bonsai Gardens, but that is a whole other story), and under no circumstances would I have invited this person into the house.

So, my question to you is this. What would you have done? In today’s age, where people are attacked in the street and passersby don’t lift a finger to intervene, was I right? Would you have done the same? Or, was my friend and sister right? Should I have ignored him and closed the door?

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Please note: Contains pictures and videos of a bloody nature. If you are easily offended, please do not read further.

What was you expecting? Hearts and flowers? I’m a paranormal/thriller writer. My day job is to scare the crap out of people and then kill them.

Oh, okay. Just for you lovey-dovey romantics out there……

Right, now back to business.

Valentines Day, or February 14th to those of us who don’t receive cards, is a time for secret admirers, romance, love, weekend getaways, roses, chocolates…..and murder. So I thought it would be fun to look at the horror side to valentines day.

First, let’s hit my DVD collection. And in no way do these two films reflect on me as a person…I’m just very easily pleased – even though my hubby would argue that point . :)

My Bloody Valentine

With a mad miner running around killing everybody in sight – what this film has to do with Valentines Day other than the title is anyone’s guess. But it has my man Jensen Ackles in it and that’s good enough for me :)

There’s also an ‘okay’ twist at the end…. Although, no to my liking.

What else do I have on my shelf? Ah, yes. The devilishly handsome, Mr Boreanaz in


Now, I’m not declaring these films to be the beez-kneez of horror movies, but at least this one incorporates the Valentine theme.

It gives a couple of good scares and is totally predictable. Good news is you can probably pick up a copy for next to nothing. Happy Days!

 St Valentine’s  Day Massacre

Everybody knows this story. Al Capone had seven of the Moran Gang shot and executed on the morning of February 14th, 1929.

I can find no reason Capone orchestrated the killings to take place on this date, which is a shame.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Even novelists are using the date to hook readers into their stories. The most famous being, Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay. At the request of the publisher, Lindsay left out the final chapter, leaving the mystery unresolved.

This decision was a canny move and led to movie adaptions and unrelenting discussions that the ‘disappearances’ were in fact based on true events.

So, there is my romantic outlook on Valentines Day.

Just remember, the next time you receive an unsigned card, a dozen red roses, or prepare for your romantic blind-date, it may mean you will never see February 15th.

Happy Valentines Day :)

Now it’s your turn. What do you have planned for Valentines Day? Have you ever received anything weird on February 14th? More to the point, have you ever sent anything weird? What is the most amount of cards you’ve received? Do you know of any other movies or stories depicted around Valentine’s day? In fact, if you have anything to say and it’s related to Valentines Day, add it in the comments.

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This weeks 30 Second Interview with actor and author, Stephen Collins swept me back to the 1980′s and a programme I absolutely loved; Tales of the Gold Monkey. (See interview here).

Well, it got me thinking of all the other ‘stuff’ I loved about the eighties. And, apart from the wild hair style I laquered to death, the eighties was one of the best decades of my life.

Okay, so I wore white stilletoe heels to the disco, and danced around my handbag….but, who didn’t?

So, here’s what I loved most about the 1980′s:

I even had a pair of luminous gloves like George Michael wore in the ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ video. I also remember one of the national newspapers selling a ‘YOG’ ring. It was a nickname of George’s when he was a child. He apparently wore an identical ring….and therefore, so did I – all for £4.99. The metal blackend within two weeks.

Spectrum Computer

Remember how you had to ‘load’ the games via cassette tape. You’d listen to two minutes of high pitch squealing, then an error would occur. After fiddling with the volume, you’d start again; just to play games like ‘Jet Set Willy’, ‘Pajamarama’, and ‘Booty’. Happy times.

I had the lace gloves, the studded belt, cut off leggins, net hair band, bangles, crosses hanging around my neck. I was Madonna…..until my mum refused to let me out of the house until I changed my clothes. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one.

Michael J. Fox
The funny thing about this film is that I never really wanted to see ‘Back to the Future’. A friend kept going on and on about the actor being gorgeous - she watched Michael religiously in ‘Family Ties’ - so, evenutally, I agreed to go to the cinema. That first scene, after Marty McFly is catapulted across Doc Browns room, I thought, “Yuck!”

By the end of the film, I was in love with Michael J. Fox. Still am a bit.

Eighties Television
I loved television programmes in the eighties. They were all cop and mystery shows. CHiPS, Hunter, Hart to Hart, and of course, Tales of the Gold Monkey. My favorite though was Dempsey and Makepeace; more so because of Michael Brandon. I even joined their fan club. The show was shot in and around London. I found out where one of the episodes had been filmed and…….oh dear, I do like to embarass myself.

Rubix Cube

I wasted hours and days of my life trying to figure this square out. In the end I just moved the stickers about.

So, that’s pretty much how I spent the 1980′s. How did you spend yours? And I want to hear all the embarassing details.

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As it’s only eight days until Christmas, I thought I’d tell you a little story.

…….No, it’s not the one about the little boy born in a barn.

Way, way back, when portable music played on a Walkman and Atari’s Space Invaders topped the computer charts, a group of children went to a party. But, this was no ordinary party. No, this was a Christmas Eve party.

The children ran around like lunatics, while their parents danced the night away. Eventually, after huge amounts of Coca Cola and too many mince pies, the children tired and headed to bed, exhausted.

But this was Christmas Eve. These children couldn’t sleep. Besides, they wouldn’t willingly go to sleep for their parents on a normal day, there was no way tonight would be any different.

As they lay there, not mucking about, they heard it. The jingle of bells. Faint at first, but then louder. Father Christmas was here!

The children rushed to the window and stared at the dark sky. They couldn’t see him, but they knew he was there. The sound of the sleigh, high above the roof tops.

And, in case you are wondering, all the children went to sleep after that.

So, this is a memory I always think of when Father Christmas is mentioned – Yes, I was one of those children.

What are your favorite memories of Christmas? Have you ever heard or seen Santa? Do you believe in Father Christmas? Come on, tell me those stories.

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My kids Pumpkin masterpieces

Halloween is here again. Ah, the best time of the year!

Out come the witches, the dead rise from their graves, and Jamie Lee Curtis is plucked from the DVD shelf and dusted down to go yet another round with Michael Myers.

Last night my kids carved their pumpkins (or Jack-O-Lantern’s as my American friends like to call them). Nice, traditional faces – a little different to the pictures I’ve been emailed of late.

So, where does the Halloween pumpkin originate from?

Well, it dates back to the ancient Celtic religion, when 31st October was the Pagan holiday of Samhain and the official end of summer.

The Celts believed that during this time, the realms between the living and the dead were are their weakest, and that the dead were able to rise; appearing as apparitions or in the form of animals including the black cat.

The Celts lit bonfires and disguised themselves in costumes hoping to confuse spirits and hence stop them from re-entering.

Over the years, this legend has evolved.

An Irish myth about a man called ‘Stingy Jack’ who invited the Devil for a drink then refused to pay. He then tricked the Devil into climbing a tree for some fruit. While the Devil was up the tree, Jack carved a ‘cross’ into its bark and thus prevented the Devil from getting down. Jack only let the Devil down after he’d promised not to bother Jack for ten more years. A year or two later, Jack died but God would not allow someone so devious into Heaven. As the Devil was still angry at Jack’s deceit, he too would not take Jack’s soul. So Jack was forced to walk between heaven and hell with only a burning coal inside a carved turnip for light.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Irish immigrants fled to America, taking the ‘Stingy Jack’ fable with them.

The Americans loved it, and as pumpkins were cheaper than turnips, they soon became the carved tradition we know and love today.

Well, almost…..

So, do you like the Halloween tradition? Do you carve pumpkins? If so, what do your pumpkins look like this year? Add some pictures to my FB page. I’d love to see them! What are the best photos you’ve seen so far?

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You guys are pretty intelligent. I want your opinion on something that has been bothering me for a few months now.


Do you prefer to ‘request’ the friendship of a facebooker or are you happy to just ‘like’ them?


I have two Facebook pages. The first is my personal page. I’ve had it for years and even though I don’t visit very often, have ignored my farm, and neglected my animals to the point they have up sticks and moved to Cafe World, it is the place I know I can catch up with old school mates, family members, and close friends whenever I like.


Then I have another page which is my ‘Donna Newton Author Page’. I do frequent this page a lot. I post blog updates, talk about what I’m up to, and discuss topics with other writers.


My dilemma is this. My personal page gets quite a few friend requests from people I don’t know and as this page is, well, personal, I decline them. My status updates on this page are private after all, as are my friends.

My Author page on the other hand is free for everyone to like. You don’t even have to ‘like’ me. You can view the page, scan uploaded photos, and read the statuses. You can comment, join in and then, if you really feel the urge to – you can ‘like’ me. It’s simple. I meet new people, have a laugh and in some cases, even added some ‘like’ peeps to my personal page.


So, what is my dilemma?


Should my Author Page be a ‘like’ page or a ‘request’ page? I know that I prefer to ‘request’ friendship rather than just ‘like’ someone.


So what are your preferences? What do you prefer to do? ‘Like’ or ‘Request’?  You’re comments will decide what I will be doing this weekend so please don’t be shy in airing your opinions :D

Psst – I am going to run this poll on my FB page, too.


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No, these aren't my legs but they could be, with a little airbrushing.

Every once in a while I have a mad inclination to embarrass myself and then, even worse, to share that embarrassment with the world.

Have you checked out my early attempt at fan mail?

Well, once again I feel I have out-done myself….only this time with a little help from my sister.

Let me tell you the story of how this all began.

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, there was a girl called Donna. One day, Donna was with her sister and boyfriend when they found a pair of tights. With nothing better to while away the time, they decided to play a game of dare. This little game stuck in their minds for the following twenty years, often making them grin whenever one of them brought it up. Donna’s boyfriend later became her husband, and each sister grew up and had their own family.  Then, one day the two sisters found a pair of tights. Remembering the fun time they’d had all those years earlier, they decided to once again play a game…..

I'm the good-looking one on the left.

So, please tell me you’ve done something similar? In fact, I would like everyone to email me a picture of themselves with a stocking on their head. I will add them to a blog and we’ll vote on the best one. Come on, don’t be shy. I can keep them anonymous if you wish. :)

Email me at pointwelldonna@googlemail.com

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I didn’t have to think hard about what to blog about this week. If anyone has had access to a television or newspaper over the last couple of days, you will have seen the horrific images of London in turmoil.

So, what kicked it off?

Well, originally it was linked to an incident which occurred on Saturday in Tottenham, when police shot and killed an armed drug dealer. A quiet protest was held by the victim’s family….and then all hell broke loose.

By Saturday evening, shops in Tottenham were being looted with one newspaper reporting, “Youths broke into MacDonald’s and started cooking their own hamburgers.” I think this statement sums up the intelligence of the Neanderthal’s involved.

The first I heard about the trouble was on Sunday when my hubby saw the news feed on his phone. And, if I am completely honest, the only reason we were remotely interested in reading more was because my hubby grew up in Walthamstow, which is only miles from Tottenham. It isn’t the first time youths have caused trouble in this area and I’m sure it won’t be the last. By Sunday night, we were aware the trouble had reached Walthamstow, but were unprepared for what happened the following evening.

The BBC reported that Monday’s violence began when police stopped and searched a man in Hackney. Nothing was found and the man was allowed on his way. Then, later in the afternoon, groups of people started throwing stones, and a bin, at police officers.

I returned home Monday evening after an meal out with friends. We began discussing the trouble Tottenham and Walthamstow had seen over the weekend and decided to see if there were any new updates. We switched on the television……..and sat in stunned silence. Buildings were ablaze, shops were being looted. Rioters were fighting with police. It looked like a war zone. The only time we spoke was when police steamed after the gangs – for that we cheered…loudly.

Throughout the evening, the trouble escalated to Clapham, Hackney, Lewisham, Ealing…..Everywhere. It even reached Ilford and Romford, which was way too close for my liking; My Dad and sister live nearby.

In front of my eyes, a building burned until it was nothing but a shell. Shop owners where robbed, and our under staffed police force could do nothing to help them. Teenagers picked up metal fencing and lobbed it at security shutters that protected the shops inventory inside. Police cars and fire engines had windscreens smashed. How could this happen?

I was at my friends, in Romford, early the following morning. Her house overlooks the London sky line, and unfortunately the eerie reminder of  the buildings and cars destroyed by fire.   

Last night saw local residents take a stand against crime and the trouble makers thinking they had a right to commit it. Walking the streets, these remarkable people protected their friends and family, properties, and businesses. The result saw hardly any trouble in London. However, the rioting escalated further north of the country in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Unfortunately, three people died when they were purposely mowed down. One man arrived on the scene and instinctively tried to help the victims. Someone then told him his own son was lying behind him. Covered in blood, this father immediately started CPR. His son unfortunately died. These three men were just trying to protect what was theirs and our thoughts and prayers are with their families today.

But why are people doing this?

There have been many comments from the youths and rioters – none of which I feel remotely sorry for. One youth, his face covered by a bandana, said: “I’m here for money and cause the police nick you for stupid things. This is payback. They (police) can’t do nothing.” And this is a spokesman? Doesn’t really put forward a very good case, does he?

One youth who, while expressing he in no way condoned what had been going on, tried to rationalise it. “It is wrong, but they (rioters) are trying to make money cause they can’t get to college. It’s showing everyone’s frustration. No one has a future.”

What amazes me is that this barbaric behaviour is being put down to the economic status of this country. ‘Youths don’t have a voice’ and ‘People want money and are frustrated.’ It makes me sick. We’ve all been down on our luck at times, and all felt the depression and stress that brings….but not once have I ever considered going out, robbing a shop, burning down an entire building, and throwing a brick at a copper. There is absolutely no excuse for this!

The public are screaming for the rioters parents to be brought to account. Well, I hate to break it to you but, knowing some of the areas these youths derive from, the parents probably sent their children out armed with a crowbar and an list of things to steal.

And to add insult to injury, we now have Germany taking advantage of the situation by comparing London to the Capital of Samalia. And many other nations, including Australia are saying we shouldn’t be holding the 2012 Olympics. Hey, why not just stick a barb wire fence around our shorelines and be done with it?

And today?

So far, over 400 people have been arrested and today saw some very busy courts. It makes my blood boil when ‘youths’ cannot be named due to their age, but one 17 year old has been charged with burglary. His lawyer described him as ‘someone with promise and who was studying to be a sound engineer. This was a moment of madness.’ A moment of madness? Really? Because, from where I’m standing, it was more like twelve hours of madness.

The most stupid so far?

The man who was arrested for stealing a bottle of wine from Somerfields Supermarket with a street value of probably no more than £3.99! And two sisters for stealing bubble gum from a newsagents.

I think David Cameron, who returned home from his holiday yesterday, said it best. “For too long there has been a lack of focus on the complete lack of respect shown by these thugs. I’m clear they are no way representative of the vast majority of young people who despise them as much as the rest of us do. But there are pockets of our society that are not just broken – they are sick. When you see children as young as 12 and 13 looting and laughing, and when we see the disgusting sight of an injured young man with people pretending to help him while they are in fact robbing him, it is clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society.”

So, have you seen the images? Have you watched the news reports? What do you think of what’s been happening in London and England in the past few days? Do you agree with what some of the rioters argue? Let me know.

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