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James Lipton and the Actors Studio did it for actors…..Now, I’m doing it for writers.

To some of you, Linda Regan may look familiar.

Born in 1959, Linda was just ten when she first stepped in front of a TV camera. Starring as an ‘Island Girl’, for a TV movie called Carry on Again Christmas, little did she know it would prove to be the beginning of a showbiz career spanning forty years .

With movies such as Carry on England, Quadrophenia, and Confessions of a Pop Star under her belt, and household shows like The Bill, On the Buses, Dixon of Dock Green and Minder listed among her TV credits, it was no surprise Linda was soon to become a household name.

In 1984 Linda was cast as holiday camp Yellowcoat, April, in the hit TV show Hi-de-Hi! That same year, Hi-de-Hi! won a BAFTA for Best Comedy Series.

In 2006, Linda turned her attention to writing crime fiction, and Behind You!, a novel set in the world of showbiz, was published. 

In 2007, she followed this success with Passion Killers, a more raunchy crime novel set in London’s Soho district. And two years later brought DCI Paul Banham back for his third outing in Dead Like Her.

Her current novel, Brotherhood of Blades, was released by Creme de la Crime in September this year. And her fifth novel, Street Girls is due to be released early 2012.

Linda will next be appearing on stage in Simon Brett’s King Lear – The Panto, and is still very active at writers conventions. When not working, she likes to enjoy life with her actor husband, Brian Murphy.

So, here’s the ten questions posed. How do you think a lady like Linda answered?

1.   What is your favorite word?  Yes

2.   What is your least favorite word?  No

3.   What turns you on?  Smiling

4.   What turns you off?  Dirt

5.   What sound do you love?  Soul

6.   What sound do you hate?  Drilling

7.   What is your favorite curse word?  Bum

8.   What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?  Detective

9.   What profession would you not like to do?  Religion

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  Welcome

Brotherhood of Blades (Creme De La Crime)Dead Like HerBehind You!

Contact Information

For information regarding my books and publishing company please visit the my website: http://www.lindareganonline.co.uk/
Twitter: @Linda_Regan

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When I walk into a bookstore, the first place I go is to the crime aisle. I love crime. I love the pace of it, I love the urgency of it, and I love the mystery of it.

So, as an avid crime reader, I thought I’d review ‘Behind You!’ by Linda Regan.

Behind You! was Linda’s 2006 debut novel. She has since written three more novels; her fourth book, Brotherhood of Blades, has just been released by Severn House.

So, what’s this book about?

Well, it revolves around a murder at a local theatre and D.I. Paul Banham is called in to solve it. Simple. What? You want more? No way! If I tell you anymore, I may as well tell you who done it.

I read this book with great interest. Not only was it a good story with an engaging plot but, because the author herself is an established actress, I got an insightful ‘behind the scenes’ look at what goes on in the world of acting.

I am a slow reader and, combine this with the fact that I only manage to read an hour or so a day (if I’m lucky), there are not many books I can confess to finishing in under two weeks. However, because Linda’s writing is so neat and effortless, Behind You! kept me hooked from the start and I finished it within six days. Not a record for me, but well below my average reading time.

So, what kept me interested?

Well , for one, it’s a good little story. It’s completely set inside a theatre and I found the further in I read, the more I began to know my own way around the back stage corridors and dressing rooms. Secondly, I loved the characters. D.I. Banham is a great protagonist with lots of baggage. And, fellow officer, Alison Grainger makes for the perfect love interest.

This book is sharp, sassy and humorous. A very good read from a very talented writer.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Would you like to read it?

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