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As it’s only eight days until Christmas, I thought I’d tell you a little story.

…….No, it’s not the one about the little boy born in a barn.

Way, way back, when portable music played on a Walkman and Atari’s Space Invaders topped the computer charts, a group of children went to a party. But, this was no ordinary party. No, this was a Christmas Eve party.

The children ran around like lunatics, while their parents danced the night away. Eventually, after huge amounts of Coca Cola and too many mince pies, the children tired and headed to bed, exhausted.

But this was Christmas Eve. These children couldn’t sleep. Besides, they wouldn’t willingly go to sleep for their parents on a normal day, there was no way tonight would be any different.

As they lay there, not mucking about, they heard it. The jingle of bells. Faint at first, but then louder. Father Christmas was here!

The children rushed to the window and stared at the dark sky. They couldn’t see him, but they knew he was there. The sound of the sleigh, high above the roof tops.

And, in case you are wondering, all the children went to sleep after that.

So, this is a memory I always think of when Father Christmas is mentioned – Yes, I was one of those children.

What are your favorite memories of Christmas? Have you ever heard or seen Santa? Do you believe in Father Christmas? Come on, tell me those stories.

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