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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:


Writer’s Digest Thriller Competition

The Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Thriller Category is now open.
Winners will be listed in the May/June 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Deadline:  September 14

Learn more about the Thriller competition

Writer’s Digest Science Fiction Competition

We are now accepting entries in the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Science Fiction Category. Winners will be listed in the May/June 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Deadline:  September 14

Learn more about the Science Fiction competition

Writer’s Digest Young Adult Fiction Competition

The Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Young Adult Fiction Category is now open. Winners will be listed in the May/June 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest.Deadline:  September 14

Learn more about the Young Adult Fiction competition

Writer’s Digest Romance Competition

We are now accepting entries in the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Romance Category. Winners will be listed in the May/June 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Deadline:  September 14

Learn more about the Romance competition

Writer’s Digest Crime Competition

The Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Crime Category is now open. Winners will be listed in the May/June 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Deadline:  September 14

Learn more about the Crime writing competition 

Writer’s Digest Horror Competition

The Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Horror Competition is now accepting entries. Winners will be listed in the May/June 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Deadline:  September 14

Learn more about the Horror writing competition

Short Short Story Writing Competition

We are now accepting entries for the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Writing Competition. The top winner will receive over $3,000 in cash and prizes and a trip to the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City.  The top 10 winners will also be featured the July/August 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine.

Entry Deadline: November 15, 2012

Click here to enter the short short story competition


 *Open to published authors
**Open to published and unpublished authors

**Romance is Hotter in Las Vegas Writing ContestSponsor: Las Vegas Chapter

Fee: $10 LVRWA members; $15 RWA members; $20 non members
Deadline: July 31, 2012
Eligibility: Non-published short story
Entry: All electronic, 4,500 words maximum.
Categories: Romance or Romantic Elements.
Judges; Published/Unpublished.
Final Judge: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency.
Top Prize: $100.
FMI, visit www.LasVegasRWA.org or contact us at LasVegasRomanceWriters@hotmail.com.

**The 2012 Golden Rose Contest

Sponsor: Rose City Romance Writers
Fee: RCRW members $30, RWA members $35, others $50
Deadline: August 1, 2012
Eligibility: Open to all non-contracted authors of romantic fiction (RWA and non-RWA members) unpublished in book-length (40,000 words or more) in the last three (3) years and any member of RWA who is not eligible to join RWA-PAN. Please see the RWA website regarding PAN eligibility rules.
Entry: Accepting entries up to a maximum of fifty (50) pages including prologue (if any). Your entry may include an optional non-judged two-page synopsis. The synopsis does not count toward the 50-page maximum for the manuscript, however the synopsis cannot exceed two pages even if the manuscript is shorter than 50 pages.
Judges: First round judges are romance writers (trained in judging) with at least one being a published author or RWA-PRO member.
Categories and Final Judges: Contemporary Series Romance – Roberta Brown, Roberta Brown Literary Agency; Contemporary Single Title – Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing; Historical – Chelsey Emmelhainz, Avon/HarperCollins; Mainstream Novel with Strong Romantic Elements – Sarah E. Younger, Nancy Yost Literary Agency; Paranormal – Nicole Resciniti, The Seymour Agency ; Romantic Suspense – Aubrey Poole, Sourcebooks; Young Adult – Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency.
Top Prize: The first place winner in each category will receive the Golden Rose Award. All other finalists will receive suitable recognition. Results will be published in the RWR.
FMI, visit http://rosecityromancewriters.com/contest-home  or email contestcoordinator@rosecityromancewriters.com.

7th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest

Sponsor: (SOLA) Southern Louisiana RWA
Fee: $15.00
Deadline: August 1, 2012 *deadline extended*
Eligibility: Entrants do not need to be members of RWA to enter.
Entry: First 5 double-spaced pages. Also, one-page, single-spaced synopsis (not judged). No electronic submissions. See website for more information. No staples please, paper clips only.
Categories and Final Readers: Short/Long Series Contemporary, Stacy Holmes, Senior Editor, Yellow Rose Line; Single Title Contemporary, Rhonda Penders, Editor-in-Chief, The Wild Rose Press; Historical Romance, Allison Byers, Editor, Historical Line; Paranormal, CallieLynn Wolfe, Senior Editor, Black Rose Line; Inspirational, Nicola Martinez, Editor in Chief, Pelican Book Group/White Rose Publishing; Novel w/ Strong Romantic Elements, Rhonda Penders, Editor-in-Chief, The Wild Rose Press; Romantic Suspense, Lori Graham, Senior Editor, Crimson Rose; Erotic Romance, Diana Carlile, Senior Editor, Scarlet Rose Line.
Judges: experienced, trained, published/nonpublished.
Final Readers: First place winners in each category receive a guaranteed read by an editor of The Wild Rose Press who will send you a request for a full or partial manuscript, or a rejection.
Top Prize: $50 cash with tiebreaker and special certificate for the overall highest score in all categories. Also, certificates and signature button for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mention.
FMI, http://solawriters.org/ or email contest coordinator at ngenovese@gmail.com.

**Show Me the Spark 2012 Contest

Sponsor: Heartland Romance Authors

Fee: $20 RWA Members / $25 Non-RWA Members
Entry Deadline: August 1, 2012
Eligibility requirements: The annual Show Me the Spark! Contest is open to unpublished and published authors of novel-length fiction. The entry must be the author’s original work, unpublished and uncontracted as of the time of the contest deadline. No entry can have been previously published in any format. (on author’s website visible to the public, self-published, ebook, mass market, etc.).
Entry: All electronic. First chapter up to 3,500 words max (actual word count), including prologue, if applicable. *Word count will be verified. No part of a second or any additional chapters will be judged. End your entry on a hook, leaving your judges breathless with no more pages left to turn. Optional 5-page synopsis can be provided, but will not be judged.
Judges: trained/experienced, published.
Final Round Judges: TBA (updated on website).
Categories: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational, Young Adult, and Erotic Romance. Each category will advance finalists to final round judging.
Top prize: First prize: Engraved Show Me the Spark memento. Second and third prize: certificates.
FMI, www.heartlandromanceauthors.com or email contest@heartlandromanceauthors.com.


Sponsor: Heart of Louisiana
Fee: $10.00 for all entrants
Deadline: August 3, 2012 *deadline extended*
Eligibility: Unpublished authors or published authors not contracted for the entry.
Entry: First chapter (up to 4,000 words) and a synopsis (up to 5 pages) of your unpublished romance novel.
Categories: Contemporary (long, short, single title), Inspirational, Historical, Paranormal, Erotic
Judges: Each entry will be read by at least one published author in the preliminary round.
Final Judge: Adam Wilson, Editor, Gallery and Pocket Books.
Top Prize: Manuscript reading by Adam Wilson, Editor, Gallery and Pocket Books.
FMI, www.heartla.com/contest.htm.

**Fiction from the Heartland Contest

Sponsor: Mid-America Romance Authors (MARA)
Fee: $30.00
Deadline: August 10, 2012
Eligibility: unpublished in book-length fiction in the past five years from deadline.
Entry: Prologue/First Chapter/Synopsis (max. 35 pages).
Judges: at least one published author and experienced critiquers.
Final Judges: Final-round judges two publishing professionals.
Top Prize: $50.00 and plaque.
FMI, www.mararwa.com.

2012 Golden Palm Contest

Sponsor: Florida Romance Writers
Fee: $20 for FRW Members, $30 for all others. Contest fee payable by PayPal or check.
Deadline: Midnight, August 15, 2012
Entry: Maximum first 25 pages. Electronic Submission only.
Final judges: Editors/Agents.
FMI, www.frwriters.org.

The Golden Pen

Sponsor: The Golden Network
Fee: $35 per entry received on or before July 15; $40 per entry received on or before August 15; $5 judging discount.
Deadline: Opens June 1, 2012. Early-bird deadline July 15, 2012. All others deadline August 15, 2012.
Eligibility requirements: The Golden Pen Contest is open to writers who have not accepted a publishing offer for a work of original fictional narrative prose of 20,000 words or more by August 15, 2012. Entrant must retain all rights to the entry and not have granted any of them to a publisher or any other party prior to or by August 15, 2012.
Entry: All-electronic. Entry shall include a synopsis (not to exceed fifteen pages) plus the first consecutive pages of the manuscript in one document, together totaling not more than 55 pages. Categories: Series Contemporary, Single Title, Historical, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational, Young Adult, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements.
Judges: In the preliminary round, each entry will be judged by three judges, including at least one Golden Heart finalist and one published author (Golden Heart finalist may also be the published author).
Final Judges: Top editors; details TBD.
Top Prize: $30, certificate, and a golden pen.
FMI, visit http://thegoldennetwork.com or email goldenpencontest@gmail.com.

**2012 Heart to Heart

Sponsor: San Francisco Area RWA
Fee: $15 for members, $20 for nonmembers
Deadline: August 31, 2012
Eligibility: Open to all writers unpublished by an RWA-approved publisher as of the entry deadline. Prospective entrants may be published with a non RWA-recognized publisher. However, they may not enter books/manuscripts that have been professionally edited or have ISBN numbers.
Entry: Enter the scene(s) in which the hero and heroine meet for the first time or for the first time in the book, if previously acquainted, up to a maximum of 15 pages. Each entry may only be entered in one category. However, you may submit as many different entries as you wish. Each new entry must have a contest entry form and payment.
Categories: Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, Young Adult, Historical.
Judges: TBA.
Final Judges: TBA.
FMI, http://www.sfarwa.net/contests/heart-to-heart-contest.

*Laurel Wreath Contest for Published Authors

Sponsor: Volusia County Romance Writers
Fee: $20.00
Deadline: August 31, 2012
Eligibility: Books with 2011 copyright
Entry: 3 print copies of book
Categories: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Young Adult, Erotic Romance, Inspirational.
Judges: Booksellers & librarians.
Top Prize: Laurel Wreath engraved pendant.
FMI, contact lauralitak66@gmail.com for more information, or visithttp://www.vcrw.net/index.php/contests.

**Unpublished Beacon Contest

Sponsor: First Coast Romance Writers
Fee: $25 FCRW Member, $30 RWA Member (non-FCRW), $35 Non-RWA Member
Contest opens: August 1, 2012
Deadline: August 31, 2012
Eligibility: Open to all authors of romantic fiction, not contracted/published in book length fiction (40,000+) in the last 3 years.
Entry: All electronic. First 25 pages (including prologue, if applicable), plus up to five-page synopsis (unjudged), in .rtf format. (Combined total not to exceed 30 pages.)
First Round Judges: Trained and published authors
Categories & Final Round Judges:
Historical – Kevan Lyon, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, & Holly Blanck, St. Martin’s Press.
Single Title – Nalini Akolekar, Spencerhill Associates, & Esi Sogah, Harper Collins.
Contemporary Series – Andrea Somberg, Harvey Klinger Agency, & Susan Litman, Harlequin.
Fantasy/Futuristic/Paranormal – Beth Miller, Writers House, & Jhanteigh Kupihea, NAL.
Romantic Suspense – Weronika Janczuk, Franklin Siegal Associates, & Shana Smith, Harlequin.
Young Adult – Laura Bradford, The Bradford Literary Agency, & Audrey Poole, Sourcebooks.
Erotic Romance – Leis Pederson, Berkley, & Meghan Conrad, Ellora’s Cave.
Inspirational – Mary Sue Seymour, The Seymour Agency, & Lauren Plude, Grand Central Publishing.
Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction/Mainstream – Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency, & Rachel Burkot, Harlequin.
Prizes: First place winners receive lapel pin, all finalists receive certificate.
FMI, http://firstcoastromancewriters.com or contact contest chair atbeaconunpub@firstcoastromancewriters.com.


(N.B. Only contact the companies listed below between 24th July – 5th August 2012)

Seeking a script writer for a feature film in Spanish and English. You must be fluently bilingual in both and have samples of work in each. This project has a completed treatment and is under a SAG ultra low budget contract. The writer will convert the treatment into a feature film script. There is pay for the project and pay will be made in draws. Serious inquiries only to playworldpictures@gmail.com

I’m looking for a SHORT FILM screenplay which features a YOUNG CAST. We’re looking to produce the film in the next few months as a showreel piece to illustrate my work directing teenage actors. We’ll also be submitting the film to festivals. The screenplay should be a short film of under 10 minutes w/ dialogue, feature actors between 13-15 years old, and be emotionally challenging for the cast. I’m an award-winning director of features and commercials. The short film will be produced to the highest possible standards. Casting will be performed by a top casting director. You can see my work at http://www.philm.co.uk/ Be brave. I’d like a script that is challenging and powerful of any genre. Please submit your screenplay or an initial synopsis to the link below or e-mail to phil*at*philmcompany.com. You will obviously be fully credited on the finished film and be involved in the development and production of the film. I look forward to reading them.

Hello. I am looking for a comedy writer who is familiar with the 30 sec spot format. I am looking to freshen up my directorial reel and would love some new energy and ideas. I have no budget to pay you from, but this is a great way to see your idea put into a film format. It will make a great portfolio piece for you. Interested parties contact me at lbarcojo1@me.com Thanks!

Documentary Director/Producer is seeking a writer to help with outline and script for a feature length documentary about the lives of folks with spinal cord injuries. You will be working very closely with the director so being a collaborator and team player is important. Requirements: Must have experience with writing scripts and an interest in the subject and documentary genre; Must be available to get together at least once a week to meet. Please submit to email a cover letter and resume to scidocumentary@gmail.com Those I am interested in will also have to submit samples of their work. Screen credit, IMDb credit, copy, festival exposure, backend points, along with the possibility of getting paid if we get funding. Thanks!

Novelist looking for a screenwriting partner to collaborate on a novel adaptation. The novel, DELIVERED, is available as an eBook on Amazon and iBookstore. In terms of genre, DELIVERED is supernatural fiction, with elements of crime, romance, and self-discovery. Applicants should be interested in one, or more, of these genres. The interested and serious writer should send current résumé and a writing sample in PDF format. The only writing sample accepted will be a screenplay draft adapted from “Warning,” the first chapter of DELIVERED. The text of the chapter can be found through a link on novel’s homepage http://www.delivered-novel.com, or the following link: http://www.delivered-novel.com/DELIVERED/The_Warning_Chapter.html. This an opportunity for a serious, talented, and committed screenwriter looking both to build a body of work and to lend his/her vision to a story with considerable independent/commercial market appeal. Candidates should send résumé and specific writing sample, in PDF format only, to CliffordEvan@delivered-novel.com. Please write NOVEL ADAPTATION in the subject line of the email. For the right collaborator, author will sign a contract giving co-writer second credit, as well as 30-40% of the screenplay rights, upon option or sale. Terms are flexible and subject to negotiation, depending on the work performed.

NY based production company is seeking a short film to produce.
Looking for a family drama under 20 pages with simple locations. and 3-5 characters.
Some Locations available ( Home with numerous bedrooms, bathroom) Yards/outdoor pool/park, ..etc
Send scripts or log lines to OneLastdayproductions@gmail.com
Thank you

Renaissance Entertainment is a brand new production company that specializes in and promotes the progression of the human spirit through media, specifically through TV and Film production. Formed by a, currently enrolled, student at Columbia College Hollywood we don’t think or act like students. We are looking for sitcom/web series writers for a new show we are currently developing. You must be able and willing to write for an urban sitcom with authentic voices without being stereotypical (think THE GAME and NOAH’S ARC) on a team, as well as, individually and able to understand and translate both creative ideas and notes while also able to give notes and creative ideas. You must also be professional, on-time to meetings and deadline, reliable, able to operate in excellence, and you must live in L.A or surrounding areas and have a reliable car or familiar with public transportation. Please send the following to RenaissancEntertainment@gmail.com: one completed spec script for an already existing sitcom; one original completed (copyrighted &/or WGA registered) script; headshot (pic) and resume. This is NOT a paid gig however when show is picked up compensation will follow. Great opportunity for those wanting to get in on the ground floor of a new sitcom. Apply to Ly Smith


San Francisco Writers Conference

10th Anniversary in 2013
Join us February 14th – 17th, 2013 and help us celebrate at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, Mason & California, San Francisco!
We are proud to announce bestselling author
R.L. Stine will be our keynote speaker for 2013


Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests, classes, and conferences before you enter, and to copyright all your work before you submit.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:

FICTION: Via First Writer

Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story Competition 
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th May 2012
Fees:   $20 for one entry. $15 for members.
Prizes:   $0 for first place. Apple iPad; $200; $100.
Details:   For short stories between 1,500 and 4,000 words.
Contact:   Elizabeth Simpson Smith Contest, Charlotte Writers’ Club, P.O. Box 220954, Charlotte, NC 28222
Country:   United States
Email:   contests@charlottewritersclub.org
Website:   http://www.charlottewritersclub.org/ess_short_story

Eighth International Short Story Contest 
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   1st April 2012
Fees:   Ł6.50 for one entry. ($9.75). Two for $8.63 / Ł5.75 each; three for $7.50 / Ł5.00 each; or five for $6.00 / Ł4.00 each.
Prizes:   Ł200 for first place. Also magazine publication and vouchers for subscription for the winner and ten Special Commendations.
Details:   For short stories up to 3,000 words. Enter online at http://www.firstwriter.com/competitions/short_story_contest/
Country:   United Kingdom; United States; Ireland; Canada; Australia – submissions accepted from anywhere!
Email:   support@firstwriter.com
Website:   http://www.firstwriter.com/competitions/short_story_contest/

Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th May 2012
Fees:   $15 for one entry. $20 if submitted after May 1, 2012.
Prizes:   $1,500 for first place. $500 x 2. Also publication.
Details:   For short stories up to 3,500 words.
Contact:   The Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, P.O. Box 993, Key West, FL 33041
Country:   United States
Email:   shortstorykw@gmail.com
Website:   http://www.shortstorycompetition.com/Guidelines.php

Mad as a Hare
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   $0 for one entry.
Prizes:   $50 for first place. $25 second prize
Details:   Enter your fiction or non-fiction of up to 2500 words about personified animals. Free sign-up –a friendly, knowledgeable, and intensive online critique community for writers and poets–is necessary in order to post your entry. E-mail entries will not be accepted. See our website for full rules and guidelines.
Country:   United States
Website:   http://www.scribophile.com/contests/mad-as-a-hare-contest/

Sunpenny Young Writers Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   £3 for one entry.
Prizes:   £50 for first place. £25.
Details:   For short stories up to 3,000 words by young writers up to 14.
Contact:   10 Aspen Close, Harriseahead, Staffordshire ST7 4HD
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   writers@sunpenny.com
Website:   http://www.sunpenny.com/competitions/2011/youngwriters2011.html

Segora Short Story 
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st May 2012
Fees:   £5.50 for one entry. £10.50 for 2.
Prizes:   £150 for first place. £50 and £30.
Details:   1,500 – 3,000 words Judge: winner of the inaugural competition in 2008 now has his first novel placed with an agent. The winning entry will be read at the first bilingual LitFest to take place in our village in SW france.
Contact:   Gordon Simms Le Moulin de Larche St Clementin 79150 Deux-Sevres France
Country:   France
Website:   http://www.poetryproseandplays.co.uk

American Short(er) Fiction Prize
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   1st May 2012
Fees:   $15 for one entry.
Prizes:   $500 for first place. $250. Also publication.
Details:   For short fiction up to 1,000 words.
Country:   United States
Email:   editors@americanshortfiction.org
Website:   http://www.americanshortfiction.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18-short-shorts&cat

First Page Competition 2012
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   8th June 2012
Fees:   £6 for one entry. £10 for two.
Prizes:   £500 for first place. 2nd £100 and 3rd £50.
Details:   What are we looking for: the most gripping, read-on-able first page of up to 400 words. Any genre, but as always we’re looking for The Best First Page.
Contact:   2 Malt Kiln Road, Newbiggin, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 0TU
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   editor@wordswithjam.co.uk
Website:   http://www.wordswithjam.co.uk/firstpagecompetition2012


 *Open to published authors
**Open to published and unpublished authors

*2012 Published Maggie Award Contest
Georgia Romance Writers
Fee: $20.00
Deadline: May 1, 2012
Entry: novel-length romances with 2011 copyright.
Judges: Booksellers/Librarians.
FMI, visit http://www.georgiaromancewriters.org/the-maggies/.

**2012 Tara Contest
Sponsor: Tampa Area Romance Authors
Fee: $25.00 (Pay Pal accepted)
Electronic Deadline: May 1, 2012
Eligibility requirements: The TARA Contest is open to unpublished and published authors of novel-length fiction. The entry must be the author’s original work, unpublished and uncontracted as of the time of the contest deadline. No entry can have been previously published in any format. (on author’s website visible to the public, self-published, ebook, mass market, etc.)
Entry: All electronic. The first chapter, 4,000 words max (actual word count), including prologue, if applicable. *Word count will be verified. No part of a second or any additional chapters will be judged. End your entry on a hook, leaving your judges breathless with no more pages left to turn. If an entry finals, a synopsis of no more than 1,500 words is required to move on to the final round.
Judges: trained/experienced, published
Categories/Final Judges: Series Contemporary, Brenda Chin, Harlequin; Historical, Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks; Paranormal, Elizabeth Bistrow, New American Library; Single Title, Sue Grimshaw, Random House; Women’s Fiction, Lauren Plude, Grand Central; Romantic Suspense, Emilia Pisani, Pocket Books; Inspirational, Natalie Hanemann, Thomas Nelson
Top prize: TARA sterling silver pendant & certificate
FMI, http://www.tararwa.com or email Taracontest@gmail.com.


Would you be outraged if your physician or health care provider intentionally failed to notify you that you had a terminal illness for four years? It is public record the medical professional did exactly that at the beginning of the AIDS pandemic. In the early 1980’s, 114 neonates, and an unknown number of adults, were given HIV infected transfusions at a major LA hospital. The problem first surfaced in 1983, but records clearly show notification to any of the families of those afflicted was deliberately withheld until 1987. I would like to team up with a skilled documentary filmmaker or writer to create an amazing film. Please write me, Alex Ghaffari, at ghaffari10@yahoo.com.

I’m currently looking for television scripts for television drama, in a similar vein as “The Shadow Line” and “Luther”. I’m interested in working with a writer who is willing to work on spec (as I will be) in order to get a project commissioned on a U.K based network. Initially I am interested in producing a 6 part mini series which can either be self-contained (as per “The Shadow Line”) or something with the potential to return with its characters for further episodes. I would be aiming at a post watershed audience for the 9pm – 10pm slot. It would need to be set in modern England day to keep production costs down. Whilst I cannot fund the development, I am happy to negotiate a deal that would see that would see the writer getting a fee that would reflect their period of speculation. Please do not submit whole scripts. Please send a short synopsis or the first 10 pages of a script. I may request the whole script if I feel yours is what I’m looking for. Please email tv@clockworkamoeba.com. For those of you interested in my background, I am a filmmaker that has been largely involved in creating productions which deliver far beyond the limits of their resources. In recent times I’ve built a reputation as a music video director but have worked on a range of film and television productions, in a number of cases as producer/director and have worked on feature script development with other producers.

I am a established Montreal cinematographer/director with over 25 years experience looking to director my next short.  All genres are welcome. Script should be between 5 – 7 pages. For funding purposes, the writer must be Canadian. There is no financial compensation, but you will get sole writing credit. Please send a copy of your script to my assistant, Patrick Greatbatch, at greatbatchmtl@gmail.com.

Shambala Entertainment is seeking collaborator to develop sitcom pilot that will be pitched and probably shot. Funny pros (with sitcom credits on IMDB) who know the sitcom craft needed. If we sell, appropriate writing rates will prevail. You must live in Hollywood area and have two to three days/nights available. Please send your experience and appropriate writing sample(s) to Todd Regenbogen at shambalaent@gmail.com. Thank you.

Seeking low budget feature length sci-fi screenplays. Please send log-line only at this time. Send to praterpix@gmail.com. Visit producer Matt Prater’s IMDB Profile at http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1056990/.

Eurisko Performance Group (EPG) is seeking film script submissions of five to seven minutes in length. EPG is committed to producing a short film this fall as part of our “Pass it On” Project. Writers will be involved in all aspects of pre-production and filming. Our topic for this year is “Wrestling with False Gods.” It is at the writer’s discretion how to interpret this theme. EPG is committed to producing challenging and thought-provoking films. We value collaboration and passionate vision. Interested screen writers should submit scripts to Managing Director Michael Davis at euriskoperformancegroup@gmail.com for review. We look forward to reading all scripts that are submitted, and thank you for your interest in working with our company.

Looking for a comedic writer to collaborate with on short films and webisodes. We are a small production company anxious to focus more on comedic content. Please send a copy of something recent you have written to us at redefiningfilms@gmail.com. This is not a paid gig. Thank you.

CAT AND WEASEL FILMS is looking for new scripts! We will option scripts to develop and produce in 2013. Scripts should be: 1.) Feature length 2.) Written for low-budget (minimal SFX, contemporary) 3.) At least in their 2nd draft 4.) Set in Europe 5.) Intelligent. We are open to ALL GENRES. Please include: 1.) A short bio of yourself. 2.) The script. 3.) A logline. And, optionally 4.) Anything you would like to add. Send to film@catandweasel.com. Thanks! Please let us know if you have any questions!

We are a media production company in Atlanta looking for completed feature length, high-concept scripts to produce. We are placing emphasis on ROMANTIC COMEDY AND/OR DRAMA. The ideal concept will have minimal locations and cast, a unique non-traditional storyline with a short but strong hook in the logline. Pay to be determined. Please NO ACTION, THRILLER, SCI-FI, ETC. Thank you for your submission. INSTRUCTIONS to SUBMIT: We pay attention to professional, carefully proof-read queries. *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY* (1) In SUBJECT line put ‘LOGLINE/QUERY’ – [TITLE]’ (2)Cut and Paste QUERY LETTER or SYNOPSIS ONLY into body of email at: SCRIPTS @WILDHUNDREDS.COM (3) Attach FULL script. Partial scripts are accepted however, decisions can only be made from reading the ENTIRE screenplay. Thank you.


The Writer’s Workshop – How to Write a Novel Course
This course is designed for new writers who want to write a novel. You need absolutely no prior experience – just bring your imagination!
Starts: 24th March, 2012
Tutor: Your course tutor will be Jessica Ruston (left). Jessica is the prize-winning and bestselling author of Luxury and To Touch the Stars. She’s also a very experienced writing tutor and editor and loves working with first time writers.

Desert Dreams Writing Conference
Desert Dreams Writers’ Conference provides authors of all skill levels – from beginner to multi-published – with the tools necessary to take their writing to the next level. Sessions will include general writing, career development, genre-specific, agent/publisher spotlights, as well as an agent/editor panel. There will also be one-on-one appointments with editors or agents, a book signing, and keynote addresses. Check out our roster of acquiring editors and agents along with our keynote speakers and workshops.
Date: April 27th-29th, 2012


Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests before you enter, and to copyright all your work.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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