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I’m currently in the middle of reading Kristen Lamb’s book ‘Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer‘.

Firstly, I have to recommend that all writers read Kristen’s books, the other one being ‘We Are Not Alone’ (you can read my review here).

Secondly, I have to excitedly brag that I am in it. Yay me, I’m famous! Page 24 and 25 for anyone who is interested 😀

Ok, now down to business. Kristen talks about how writers have to juggle their writing with everyday life. Especially writers who already have a full time job. Their allocated writing time is squeezed in between a tuna mayo sandwich and a packet of cheese and onion crisps at lunchtime.

I am extremely lucky. Why? I’ll tell you. I am able to write full time. So, in theory, this should make my career as a writer a doddle, right?


Sitting at my desk all day piled on the pounds. I started having to tuck my belly in my trousers like I did my T-Shirt.

Now, I had two options.

Option A: I could go on a huge shopping spree and replace all my clothes, or

Option B: Do some exercise.

Option A was without  doubt my favorite choice. Afterall, I don’t have time to excercise……well, apart from when I run to the car. But, Option A did have a downfall. I have expensive tastes and my husband would have suffered open wallet surgery. And even I’m not that wicked 🙂

So, Option B it was. But now I had another problem. When could I squeeze in exercise?

My normal day is this: Get Up, Get Kids To School, Write, Collect Kids, Play Taxi to After School Activities, Return Home, Cook (my husband will argue this one), Help With Homework, Clean House (my husband will argue this one, too).

The truth is, I am on the go all day until I sit down at 8.30pm to eat my dinner. I then hold my eyelids up with match sticks and indulge in an hour of television before I crash out for the night.

No, my only choice was to get up earlier. Earlier! I must really like my clothes.

So, now I get up at 6.10am and watch the news while I pound my step machine and do a hundred crunches.

And you know what? I actually like it!

So, have you had to change your day to fit in writing? Have you had to sacrifice anything? Do you feel writing is worth it? How many hours a day do you get to spend on writing? Let me know. I love hearing your comments.

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