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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:

FICTION: Via First Writer

Fantasy Writing Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th June 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   $500 for first place.
Details:   Completely free to enter and is looking for stories, of up to 8000 words, within any fantasy sub-genre. This could be traditional fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, steam-punk, and so on. More importantly though, winners will feature within an anthology alongside some of the Fantasy genres finest authors.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   Marc@Fantasy-Faction.com
Website:   http://www.fantasywritingcontest.com

Remosa Publishing
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   29th February 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. Remosa monthly writing competition.
Details:   Monthly writing competition, winners will be published on our website for a period of 30 days. There will be a small trophy for the first prize winner. Send us your synopsis and 3 chapters advising which genre your writing is in one of the following genres : romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi/fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, romantics and general fiction. Entries to be made by email or post and additionally all entrants will be considered for publication.
Contact:   Remosa Publishing, 5 Joseph Street, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1JX
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   competitions.Remosa@gmx.com
Website:   http://Remosa.co.uk

DIAGRAM Innovative Fiction Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th March 2012
Fees:   $15 for one entry.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. Also publication.
Details:   For unpublished stories up to 10,000 words.
Contact:   DIAGRAM Innovative Fiction Contest, c/o Ander Monson, Dept. of English, P.O. Box 210067, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0067
Country:   United States
Email:  nmp@thediagram.com
Website:   http://thediagram.com/contest.html

Rose and Crown Christian Romance
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   £18 for one entry.
Prizes:   £200 for first place. Publication.
Details:   For your chance to see your story in print we are now accepting Christian Romance submissions for their Writing Competition for 2012. 1st prize is £200, 2nd is £100. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Winners will be guaranteed a publishing contract, as will all the best, publishable novels! For further information visit website and remember – submissions must be in by 31st March. Good luck!
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://sunpenny.com

Sunpenny Ltd. Christian Short Story
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   £4 for one entry.
Prizes:   £150 for first place. Published Anthology
Details:   For your chance to see your story in print we are now accepting submissions for their Open Short Storry competition. We are seeking the new and the talented. Winning manuscripts will bepublished and the author will receive cash and book prizes. For further information visit website and remember – submissions must be in by 31st March. Good luck!
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://sunpenny.com

Frome Festival Short Story Competition 2
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st May 2012
Fees:   £5 for one entry. £40 for in depth critique.
Prizes:   £300 for first place. Second prize, £150, 3rd prize £75 plus extra prizes for local entrants.
Details:   For stories on any theme: 1,000 to 2,200 words. Judges: crime writer and novelist. Winning stories read by top London literary agent. Entry fee: £5 per story.
Contact:   Cheques payable to: Frome Festival Short Story Competition. No entry form required. Post entries to: FROME FESTIVAL SHORT STORY COMPETITION, c/o Frome Library, Justice Lane, FROME, Somerset BA11 1BE
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   clinkelmstreet@aol.com
Website:   http://www.fromefestival.co.uk

Limnisa / Bluethumbnail Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th March 2012
Fees:   £6 for one entry. Discount for members.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. One week Writing Holiday in Greece.
Details:   Short Stories of max. 3000 words on any subject. Open to writers world wide. First prize a one week, full board holiday by the sea in Greece. Runners up get 50% discount. We are looking for stories that surprise and move us!
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   entries@limnisa.com
Website:   http://www.bluethumbnail.com/Author/competitionpage.html

The Word Hut Short Story Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   18th March 2012
Fees:   £4.00 for one entry.
Prizes:   £50.00 for first place.
Details:   Maximum length is 1000 words and the story can be on any theme or in any genre. Please submit in a clear font as an email attachment. Payment is via PayPal. Full details on our website.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   info@thewordhut.com
Website:   http://www.thewordhut.com

Writers’ Village Best Story Award
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   £10 for one entry.
Prizes:   £400 for first place. Every entry, win or lose, gains a free expert critique.
Details:   All entrants, winners or not, gain a helpful critique of their story – a feature thought to be unique among low-fee writing contests. Winners will be awarded the title: Winner, the Writers’ Village Best Writing spring 2012 Award, and see their work showcased online. Any genre of prose fiction may be submitted up to 3000 words, except playscripts and poetry. Entries are welcomed world-wide.
Contact:   The Old School House, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 9DP, UK
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.writers-village.org

Happily Cognating Reader’s Choice Award
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   1st May 2012
Fees:   $0 for one entry.
Prizes:   $30 for first place. Two paid runners-up.
Details:   The first contest run by a literary journal that is a brand new, one-man-show, but aspires to become noteworthy. We’re seeking submissions to our Summer (and inaugural) issue. Our goal is to find undiscovered writers (to give first bylines) and fiction that creates conversation and brings people closer together.
Country:   Germany
Email:   STCrowley1@gmail.com
Website:   http://sites.google.com/site/happilycognating/submissions


2012 Yeovil Literary Prize
Visit www.yeovilprize.co.uk for full details of the prizes on offer and how to post your entry. The competition closes on 31st May – don’t leave it till the last moment!
Our short list judges this year are Sophie Hannah (novel), Sue Freestone (short stories) and Louis de Bernieres (poetry), and all of us at the Yeovil Prize are looking forward to reading your work.


Nexus Entertainment – Seeking Scripts About Hannibal of Carthage
We are looking for completed feature-length scripts dealing with the life and times of Hannibal, the military tactician from Carthage. Please note we submitted this lead one year ago, and at this point in time are only looking for scripts which have been written since then, or which have not yet been pitched to us. 
Budget has yet to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit. Our credits include “American Dream” and the upcoming “Dysfunctional Friends,” among others.
To submit to this lead, please go to: http://www.inktippro.com/leads/  Enter your email address.  Copy/Paste this code: t92fnkax84
NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren’t sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

Cosmotoons Inc. – Seeking Scripts with Science Education
We are looking for completed scripts or extended treatments with a science-based educational core, i.e. something in the vein of “What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?” or “Cosmic Quantum Ray”(Animated TV series on HUB). We are not looking for submissions in the vein of Star Trek or some other sci-fi story. Please only submit if you are familiar with the above two titles. We are open to features, series, documentaries or animated projects, as long as they have a clear scientific theme and preferably based on existing book, comics, game or a toy.
Budget has yet to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit. Our credits include “Rift.”
To submit to this lead, please go to:  http://www.inktippro.com/leads/  Enter your email address.  Copy/Paste this code: rhjq0u9br4
NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren’t sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

Softcelluoid Films – Seeking High Concept Thriller Scripts
We are looking for completed feature-length high concept thriller scripts, i.e. stories in the vein of “Looper,” “Memento,” or “The Divide.” Please note that, if you can’t pitch your script in a single sentence, it isn’t high concept.
Budget will not exceed $2 million. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.  Our credits include the multiple award winning film “Intelligence,” and we are repped by a major studio management company.To submit to this lead, please go to: http://www.inktippro.com/leads/  Enter your email address.  Copy/Paste this code: 9gyn7zsu26
 NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren’t sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.


2012 Magic Moment Contest
Sponsor: Heart and Scroll RWA
Fee: $25 for RWA members or $30 for non-members
Deadline: April 1, 2012
Top prize: $100 and certificate
Entry: Send us any ten pages of your manuscript where the hero and heroine first meet, and we’ll give you the benefit of three detailed critiques. Note: Magic Moment has gone paperless! All entrants have the option of submitting paper or electronic entries!
Judges: 1st round: experienced published and unpublished authors.
Final judge: Pamela Harty of the Knight Agency
FMI, visit www.heartandscroll.com or e-mail laurie@authorlaurielarsen.com.

2012 Query Quandary Contest
Sponsor: New Hampshire RWA
Deadline: April 1, 2012
Eligibility: Open to published and unpublished authors.
Entry: query + optional 1-pg. synopsis
FMI, http://www.nhrwa.com.


I need an idea for a short film (>30min), a finished script is preferable. Needs to be minimal cast, little dialogue. . . and I’m a sucker for tragedies.  To give you a flavour of my style, this is my latest short: http://youtu.be/J9MCdpRUSI4. I can be contacted at info@ydpictures.com. Thank you for your consideration!

We require creative assistance for generating ideas and concepts for an ad film. We are looking for someone who can deliver the best idea and theme for the film. Experience in ad film industry, specifically in creative writing part, is required. Pay is contingent. Send emails to shiveshmishra@lycos.com with questions and/or your expression of interest.

We are looking for a screen writer for a documentary/reality TV format, which is centered around a transformational skiing experience. It needs to be someone who has experience in writing for reality TV shows with a pinch of documentary added. Please send examples of previous work with your resume to jan@skiguru.tv. For the successful candidate we offer a financial upside once we get the production financed.

New York Film Academy Producer is looking for screenwriter for script which is 90pg to 110pgs. All genres accepted. Please send your log-line and synopsis to me at jnyfa1@gmail.com. I hope to meet a great partner for the project. Thank you.

I’m looking to collaborate with a skilled and experienced comedy writer on a high-concept feature spec. that a number of legit. Hollywood prodco.’s, including Benderspink, are eagerly waiting to read. I have the rough outline and the characters but trying to hit all the right beats in the step outline in terms of theme, pacing, motivation, plausibility and goals, is making my head spin. I need help with this one! This is a truly saleable idea and we need to hit it out of the park. I’m offering co-writer’s credit and 50/50 on whatever money this script might make either through an option and/or a sale (obviously I can’t promise anything). WGA-registered, produced comedy feature writers or writers who have won or placed extremely well in the comedy category of a LARGE contest only, please. Respond to countdrake@hotmail.com. Thank you.

I am a student and I am looking for some scripts to do my thesis. If you are interested my e-mail adress is antonella.rig@gmail.com. Thank you.

Looking for writers to join a team to create and produce a new fantasy saga. Please send examples of synopsis and treatments of works in the fantasy genre only as well as CV to us at aa@ab-product.com. Please note the following: We are looking for a writer in the London area only; We are looking for a writer with 3 years previoous experience writing; We are looking for a writer with previous feature film experience. Our budget for the writer will be £300-£500 depending on experience.  This is not a full time position. The writer will be required to come in 1 a week to show and discuss progress. Thanks and good luck.

We are looking for story writers for the second series of Nigerian sitcom ‘Meet The Adebanjos’ (www.meettheadebanjos.com.) This is not a full-time role, but will require you to be flexible with your time; you will become part of a writing team, working together to create and develop episode ideas. Therefore you must be open to discussing ideas within a group environment and offering opinions during the development process. Due to time constraints, you will need to be hard-working and dedicated – we need somebody who can deliver quickly. We are asking all applicants to submit a 1 page treatment for a future episode of Meet The Adebanjos, as well as the opening scene in script format. The deadline for all applicants is Sunday 5th February and successful writers will be called for interview the following week. We are especially looking for writers who can mimic the comedic style of the first series (so it may be beneficial to watch a couple of episodes first) and can bring the characters to life. Most importantly, you will need to have a strong grasp of the sitcom format and be able to write COMEDY. This is what we will be looking for in all applications. Please reply to Jessica@meettheadebanjos.com.

The Everett Filmmakers Group is looking for a few good 5-10 minute scripts to produce in the coming months. Our experienced filmmakers will work with your script to produce a short feature. These not-for-profit films may be submitted to festivals. Subject matter is flexible, but writer must have full rights to the script; copyrigths of others must be respected. To submit your script for review and consideration — or for additional information– send email to larrygmcconnell@yahoo.com.

Please check our hosted forum for producers seeking scripts at http://www.filmmakerforum.org/scripts/. Thank you.

PraterPix is currently seeking script packages that contain completed budgets (up to $4m USD). Scripts must be high concept and have international appeal. All genres welcome. Please send log-lines only at this time. Address your messages to PraterPix@gmail.com. WGA rates apply.  Thank you.

Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests before you enter, and to copyright all your work.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:


The British Writers Awards (BWA) 2012
Entering the Brit Writers’ Awards is easy! To give you the best BWA experience possible, we’ve created a simple process for submitting your story, poem, script or song for consideration by our judges.
Closes:   30th March 2012
Fee:   £10.95
Prize:   £10,000
Website:  http://www.britwriters.com/how-to-enter-your-story-poem-song-or-script-into-the-brit-writers-awards-unpublished-2012/

Brighton COW Autumn Short Story 2011
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th November 2011
Fees:   £4 for one entry.
Prizes:   £100 for first place. Second prize £50 and third prize £25.
Details:   Send us your best stories. Open theme. 3000 word limit. Top ten stories will be published on site and recorded for broadcast on local hospital radio network. This competition is open to writers all over the world. Past competitions have featured entries from writers in over thirty countries. Payment by cheque or through paypal.
Contact:   Flat #10 Montpelier Lodge Montpelier Terrace Brighton East Sussex England BN1 3DF
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   comps@brightoncow.co.uk
Website:   http://www.brightoncow.co.uk

The FFW Flash Fiction Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   9th December 2011
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £25 for first place. 2nd – £15.00, 3rd – £10.00.
Details:   For flash fiction stories of between 400 and 1000 words. Any theme in any genre.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   comp@flash-fiction-world.com
Website:   http://www.flash-fiction-world.com/flash-fiction-contest.html

A. E. Coppard Prize for Fiction
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th December 2011
Fees:   $15 for one entry. Additional entries $10 each.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. Also publication and 25 copies.
Details:   For longer short fiction 8,000 to 14,000 words.
Contact:   Long Story Contest, International, White Eagle Coffee Store Press, P.O. Box 383, Fox River Grove IL 60021
Country:   United States
Website:   http://whiteeaglecoffeestorepress.com/page4.html

New Bridge House Short Story Competition
Category:F   iction
Closes:   1st November 2011
Fees:   £5 for one entry.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. Anthology publication; mentoring; critiques.
Details:   For short stories up to 5,000 words. Enter online.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   submissions@bridgehousepublishing.co.uk
Website:   http://bridgehousepublishing.co.uk/ShortStoryCompetition2011.aspx

Santa Fe Writers Project (SFWP) Comp
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th December 2011
Fees:   $25 for one entry.
Prizes:   $1,500 for first place. $1,000 x 2.
Details:   For short fiction, essays, and unpublished book excerpts.
Contact:   Santa Fe Writers Project, 369 Montezuma Ave, #350, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Country:   United States
Website:   http://www.sfwp.com/awardsguidelines

pixelhose.com Writing Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   7th December 2011
Fees:   $0 for one entry. Fiction and Non-Fiction Categories.
Prizes:   $300 for first place. $300/$150/$50 – in Each Category.
Details:   We are looking for works of up to 5000 words in each category. Previously published work are accepted so long as we can legally obtain free, one time, one site, permanent web publication rights. EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY. Full info on site.
Contact:   POB 1476, San Mateo, CA 94402
Country:   United States
Email:   pixelhose@live.com
Website:   http://www.pixelhose.com

Momaya Short Story Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th April 2012
Fees:   £8 for one entry. Payment can be made as US $12.
Prizes:   £155 for first place. 2nd place £55. 3rd place £30.
Details:   Heat is the theme. Submit your short story (3,000 word limit) by 30 April 2012 in order to compete for prize money and publication in the Annual Review 2012. The judging panel includes members from Random House, Penguin, Reuters and a novelist who has published six books.
Contact:   Momaya Press, 189a Balham High Road (Rear Building), London SW12 9BE
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.momayapress.com

Southport Writers’ Circle Fiction Comp
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st October 2011
Fees:   £3 for one entry. £10 for four.
Prizes:   £200 for first place. £100; £50.
Details:   For unpublished short stories up to 2,000 words. Online entries accepted.
Contact:   Short Story Competition, Southport Writers’ Circle, Flat 3, 35 Saunders Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0JH
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   southportwriterscircle@yahoo.co.uk
Website:   http://www.swconline.co.uk

Speakeasy Open Fiction Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st October 2011
Fees:   £4 for one entry. £10 for three.
Prizes:   £100 for first place. £50; £25.
Details:   For short stories up to 2,100 words. Entry form available on website.
Contact:   SPEAKEASY COMPETITION 2011, 46 Wealdstone Place, Springfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 3JG
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   speakeasy@writerbrock.co.uk
Website:   http://www.mkweb.co.uk/speakeasy/displayarticle.asp?ID=78828

Phoebe Winter Fiction Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th December 2011
Fees:   $15 for one entry.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. Also magazine publication.
Details:   For fiction up to 7,500 words. No novel excerpts.
Country:   United States
Website:   http://www.phoebejournal.com/?p=1522


2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence
Sponsor: Southern Magic Romance Writers
Fee: $30 first book; $25 subsequent books
Deadline: January 15, 2012
Eligibility: All published authors of novel-length or novella-length romance fiction.
Entry: Books must have a copyright of 2011. Ebook-only publishers accepted (non-subsidy/non-vanity/no self-pub).
Categories: Historical; Romantic Suspense; FF&P; Contemporary; YA; Inspirational; and Novella (20,000 – 40,000 Words).
Judges: Avid readers of romance, booksellers, and/or librarians.
FMI, http://www.southernmagic.org; Contest Coordinator Callie James, GWContest@southernmagic.org.

2012 Marlene Awards
Sponsor: Washington Romance Writers
Fee: $20–30.00
Deadline: January 15, 2012
Entry: all electronic submissions, 35 pages maximum (story opening and synopsis).
Judges: trained, published and unpublished.
Final Judges: editors and/or agents.
FMI, www.wrwdc.com.

2012 Winter Rose Contest for Unpublished Authors
Sponsor: Yellow Rose RWA
Fee: $25.00
Deadline: January 16, 2012
Eligibility: RWA members in good standing, unpublished in the previous 5 years.
Entry: First 25 pages of your romance manuscript (projected 50K and up).
Categories and Final Judges: Contemporary Single Title, Alicia Condon / Kensington Publishing; Historical (Includes Regency), Amanda Bergeron / Avon; Mainstream with Romantic Elements, Paranormal, Heather Osborne / Samhain Publishing; Romantic Suspense, Deb Nemeth / Carina Press; Series Contemporary, Young Adult, Kari Sutherland / HarperCollins Children’s Books; Erotic.
Top Prize is a partial read by agent Maura Kye-Casella of Don Congdon Associates.
FMI, www.yellowroserwa.com.

SCRIPTS: Via International Screenwriters Association (I.S.A.)

Submit Your Original Sitcom Screenplay!
Submit your half-hour comedic format screenplay@comedywritercontest.com
Grand Prize: $5000 plus direct input and creative guidance on the winning script from acclaimed writer/producer/director John Wells.

The Writer’s Place Screenwriting Contest
 The Writers Place co-founders have raised over $50 million for film and entertainment projects. Winners receive cash awards and PR worth $3,000. Honored scripts presented to 6,500+ managers, agents and producers. Features, shorts and teleplays OK.
Please put (I.S.A.) after your last name to obtain the $5 discount.

Supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the KAIROS PRIZE was established in 2005 for first-time and beginning screenwriters. In addition to $50,000 in prize money, winning scripts are read by top execs. One film has been released with several in the production pipeline. 

Accepting Feature and Short scripts!
Over $20,000 in cash and prizes were awarded to the winners of the 2011 OFF! During the festival you can attend our conference, which always features great speakers/writers creating a great resource for learning and networking!http://www.omahafilmfestival.com

Wanna Go to the SUNDANCE Film Festival?
You get to participate in the SUNDANCE experience where you can see great indie films, you can network with producers and filmmakers from all around the world, you can party with celebrities, you can go skiing, see more films, it’s up to you. The town will be yours for a few glorious days!
SAVE $10 on FEATURES/TV PILOTS: CLICK HERE    Use this code: ISA99A           

Win an Agent for Your Screenplay!
Top Hollywood Literary Agents will read, consider and meet the winning writers & discuss representing their screenplays.  This type of access to agents is the most difficult to accomplish in the industry, until now! 

Videotaped, Live Readings-Marketing Bootcamp
Enter the 10th Annual Script-2-Screen Competition and WIN an opportunity to Direct Actors performing key screenplay scenes during the Bare Bones International FilmAnd Music Festival. Top 20 finalists receive 2-FREE Festival passes and Marketing Bootcamp. 


Seeking Crime/Thriller scrips with limited locations
Brooklyn Reptyle Films is looking for completed feature-length, crime/thriller scripts with limited-locations and characters. We are NOT interested in procedural stories or any police or law enforcement and legal characters.  We prefer up to four principal characters and six or less locations.  Examples of films we like are “The Disappearance of Alice Creed,” “Funny Games,” and “Blood Simple.”  However, the characters should have life and death stakes, which is to say, we’re looking for stories that deal with crime, but not about criminal justice or crooked cops. Budget will not exceed $250K.  Only non-WGA writers should submit at this point in time. Our credits include “Junkie Nurse” and “Audie & the Wolf.”
1. Please go to www.InkTippro.com/leads
2. Enter your email address (you will be signing up for InkTip’s newsletter – FREE!)
3. Copy/Paste this code: vb9pfgs5rq
4. You will be submitting a logline and synopsis only.
IMPORTANT:  Please ONLY submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for EXACTLY.

Seeking collaborator for short
I’m looking for someone to collaborate on the script for a short which I will soon be shooting. My initial idea was that I wanted to write a script which would take place in a really limited space- just one or two rooms, the idea being to keep the shooting really simple. In short, it’s about a woman who realises one day that she’s never had a close black friend. Ultimately I think the situation is an interesting one. There are lots of people who probably live lives with a very narrow circle of friends, like Margaret, and realise that they are the worse off for it.
I am really looking for someone with screenwriting experience, who is not scared to try something quite experimental. This is supposed to be funny, so someone with a sense of humour! Any collaboration welcome. Willing to work by skype/email. Although if there was someone london based who would be able to meet-up to workshop it a bit, that could be great. You will get full accreditation for any participation. I have assembled a fantastic cast and crew, I just need to get the script right! Email Stella Ramsden for additional information: stellaramsden@gmail.com

Screenwriters Wanted
Production Company seeks new and emerging screenwriters to tackle a number of projects in its development slate.  We are looking for talented writers who wish to learn from an experienced production team with over 1000 hours of produced television and 20 major feature films between them.  Great foot in the door opportunity for someone wishing to get read by agencies, get notes from seasoned producers, and ultimately work towards writing a project that our company has the resources and full intention to produce.
Please respond with “Screenwriter Inquiry” in the subject line. 
Tell us 1:  What genre you feel you excell at.  2: What film made in the last 3 years do you wish you had written.  3:  What are your three favorite films of the last 5 years. Or which films do you admire most of the last five years and why.  4:  A SHORT screen writing sample (15 pages or less please).
PLEASE NO CV’S we’re interested in your taste and writing talent, not in your professional history.
Please send all Inquiries to TriangleProducer@gmail.com
Paid Upon Commencement of Principal Photography + Back-End ParticipationPlease remember to check out legitimacy of all contests before you enter and to copyright all work.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

You can also find me on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Linkedin

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