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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:

FICTION: Via First Writer

Jerry Jazz Musician New Short Fiction Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st May 2012
Fees:   $0 for one entry.
Prizes:   $100 for first place.
Details:   For short stories between 1,000 and 5,000 words that would appeal to a reader with interests in music, social history, literature, politics, art, film and theatre, particularly that of the counter-culture of mid-twentieth century America.
Country:   United States
Email:   jm@jerryjazz.com
Website:   http://www.jerryjazzmusician.com/mainHTML.cfm?page=fictioncontest.html

Writersbillboard Short Fiction 
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   27th April 2012
Fees:   £2.50 for one entry.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. Prize is publication on the website
Details:   Short stories, 400-4000 words, any theme.
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.writersbillboard.net

The Stringybark Seven Deadly Sins Award
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   10th June 2012
Fees:   $9.95 for one entry. Discounts for multiple entires.
Prizes:   $350 for first place. A$150/ A$75 plus publication.
Details:   Awarded for a short story that relates to one (or more) of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony; greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride/vanity. Cordially invites all writers, including our international friends, to put their hand to writing a short story in 1500 words or fewer.
Contact:   David Vernon
Country:   Australia
Email:    judges@stringybarkstories.net
Website:   http://www.stringybarkstories.net

Novel Beginnings 1st Chapter Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th April 2012
Fees:   $10 for one entry. Limit 3 entries
Prizes:   $150 for first place. Second – $75, third – $50.
Details:   Open to all. Open subject (no explicit or gore). Max 6,000 words. Winning entry posted, winner profiled on website. Free critique to first 50 entries. Optional line edit available, $2 per page.
Contact:   The Write Helper, 104 Harke Lane, Old Monroe, MO 63369.
Country:   United States
Email:   amy@thewritehelper.com
Website:   http://www.thewritehelper.com

Sheldon Currie Fiction Prize
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st May 2012
Fees:   $25 for one entry. $30 (US); $40 (RoW).
Prizes:   $600 for first place. $400; $200. Also publication.
Details:   For fiction up to 20 pages.
Contact:   The Antigonish Review Contest, Box 5000, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2W5
Country:   Canada
Email:   tar@stfx.ca
Website:   http://www.antigonishreview.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=62

The Novel Prize 2012
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st August 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. £6,000 worth of professional services.
Details:   The Novel Prize showcases how far self-publishing, handled professionally, can take you by offering a unique opportunity to win expert editorial, design, publishing and marketing services. The winner receives: 1. Editing (worth up to £2,500); 2. Design and publishing (£1,000); 3. Publicity (£500); 4. Social media consultancy and web design (£2,000). Entry is free and is open until 31 August 2012. Full terms on the website.
Contact:   The Book Specialist, Bye Pass Road, Nottingham, England
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.thebookspecialist.com

The FFW Flash Fiction Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   9th June 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry. Free to enter.
Prizes:   £25.00 for first place. 2nd £15.00, 3rd £10.00
Details:   All stories of up to 1000 words that are published on our site are automatically entered into our free quarterly competition.
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.flash-fiction-world.com

Cowbridge Book Festival 
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   1st April 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £100 for first place. 2nd prize £50 3rd prize £25.
Details:   This is an opportunity for everyone over the age of sixteen, who enjoys writing, to put his/her literary skills to the test. Your task: To compose an introductory chapter to a short story in not more than 750 words. To enter post your submission to the address below.
Contact:   Cowbridge Book Festival 2012, Creative Writing Competition, Cowbridge Community College, Old Hall, High St. Cowbridge, CF71 7AH
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://cowbridgebookfestival.co.uk/creative-writing-competition/

The Word Hut Short Story Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   13th May 2012
Fees:   £4 for one entry.
Prizes:   £50 for first place.
Details:   Short stories up to 1000 words on any theme or in any genre. Written in English. Stories previously posted on blogs accepted.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   info@thewordhut.com
Website:   http://www.thewordhut.com


 *Open to published authors
**Open to published and unpublished authors

**Romancing the ScriptSponsor: Scriptscene RWA
Fee: $20 for Scriptscene members, $25 for other RWA chapter members
Deadline: May 1, 2012
Eligibility: Any RWA chapter member.
Entry: First Act, not to exceed 30 pages. Electronic entry only. PDF format. Entry must be in standard industry spec script format. (See Scriptscene website for example.) If chosen as one of the 3 finalists, full completed script (PDF) must be submitted for the final judging.
Categories: Any genre as long as there are romantic elements in script.
Preliminary Judges: Professionals in the movie industry.
Final Judge: Suzanne Lyons, Producer/President Snowfall Films, Inc and WindChill Films, Inc.
Top Prizes: Read by Zac Sanford, VP of Development at Suntaur Entertainment. Winner/Finalists receive log line listing in InkTip and a 6-month subscription to InkTip’s Preferred Newsletter (www.inktip.com). Please check Scriptscene’s website for additional prizes.
FMI, visit Scriptscene http://www.scriptscene.org. Please contact Leslie Ann Sartor at rts.contest@gmail.com if you have questions.

(N.B. Only contact the companies listed below between 2 April – 25th April 2012)

The Bronx Academy of the Arts (opening 2014) is seeking prospective (part-time) faculty for the following positions: Intro to Screenwriting, Advanced Screenwriting, My First Novel, Intro to Songwriting. Apply online at http://www.bronxartsacademy.com/faculty-staff-application. All levels of experienced and talent are welcome. Thank you.

We are Asian-based producers soliciting completed feature-length scripts (action-adventure / thriller / sci fi / etc) that portray stories and/or characters about Chinese culture and/or that are set in China — OR — scripts with an identifiable rewrite potential set in China (‘sinosizable’). Successful scripts will be produced in the People’s Republic of China and will necessarily be vetted by the government. Content already translated into Mandarin and/or pre-approved material will be given very high priority. Budget range to be determined. Both WGA and non-WGA writers may submit. Send inquiries to us at intlcreative@gmail.com

THE PHILM COMPANY is looking to expand our slate of scripts specifically COMMERCIAL stories that can be produced on 500k-£2m of any genre. We’re also interested in reading scripts that are set in Asia and written by screenwriters local to that region. We’re always looking to find the next best screenplay but be realistic: we are not a studio and therefore probably unable to produce your $500m sci-fi blockbuster! If you are a represented writer, please ask your agent/manager to submit your project via the guidelines below. Selected scripts will be optioned by the company and developed with the writer. At this initial stage please ONLY submit: a log-line and a synopsis (up to one page.) Send to info@philmcompany.com If we like the sound of your script we will then contact you to request a full length screenplay. DO NOT SEND SCREENPLAYS STRAIGHT AWAY. Please do NOT send short film or documentary ideas.

Do you have a great logline?  An intriguing idea?  A first draft or an in-depth outline for a screenplay that will get industry attention?  If you do and need help with structure, dialogue, etc., I can help.  I have optioned one feature and have had a 20-minute drama produced.   I would like to collaborate with another writer with a great idea.  If that is you, write to me at screenwriter500@aol.com

MadAtoms.com is seeking freelance (paid) comedy writers to produce our daily comedy content in the form of essays, charts, comics, infographics, illustrations and more. If you’re a hilarious writer interested in writing with a unique take on sex, dating, politics, film and TV, pop culture and everything else relavent to creative 20-somethings, get in touch. Please send samples to submissions@madatoms.com Please no fake news, “funny” sports commentary, blatantly copy-pasted generic CVs without samples, or links to an impossible-to-navigate blog about your college basketball team. We want short and funny. We pay for every article we publish, offer good exposure, and have hookups with a major studio in L.A. Thanks.

Eclipse Talent are looking to make their first comedy feature film. A Brit Flick in similar style to The Full Monty and East is East. If you have a script or idea that you think we might be interested in please email: eclipsetalent@aol.com THE SCREENPLAY MUST BE BRITISH.

Looking for a creative scriptwriter to help with the script for a promotional film trailer to promote the sport of airsoft within the UK. The short 1 minute advert is a collaboration to enable us to test the limitations of the Canon DSLR’s and C300 in a variety of conditions and set-ups. Airsofting is a hobby sport within the UK that caters for teenagers and adults alike to enjoy ‘real’ call of duty game play, utilising realistic weaponry and tactics, the sport is played throughout the UK on a number of woodland, urban and sometimes offshore sites! I’ve got a basic script plan, with locations already organised, along with kit and crew. I’m now looking for a talented scriptwriter to develop a narrative around what we have, this will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to move into screenplay development and may lead to future work – as we’re currently looking at funding a feature. Dates for filming are currently the 14th and 15th of April. Send inquiries to tom@tbpfilms.com

I am a director looking for a feature film screenplay that I would turn into my debut. If finding the right material, funds for the film will not be a problem – after directing a short film trilogy, I am currently second director on a major feature film shot in the Czech Republic and the production company is happy to back my own debut. I am looking to shoot as soon as 1st half of 2013. If you are a writer with a good script (or even just an idea) looking to have their screenplay produced, please send me a 1 page treatment to mike.samir@live.com Any genre, any length, at this stage I am completely open, looking for the right thing, something that will shatter all the ideas I have. If your script is intriguing to me, I will immediately contact you with more details. Looking forward to hearing from you.

You know how to craft a slick, professional screenplay.  But do you also know about track & field, about coaching?  If so, we should talk.  I have a film story that can win.  Am seeking a writing partner to develop my treatment into a full screenplay.  Imagine bad news brs. + chariots of fr. x Special Olympics.  Work together in trust and integrity; share equally in a sale. Send inquiries to me, Jess Prochilo, at jesspro98@hotmail.com

I am looking for a script editor to edit my three short film scripts. The first one is a 25 page short film script. If we are both happy working together after this one then we will work on the other scripts. These are all non-profit short film scripts but I will be happy to pay 100 GBP per script. Native language should be English. Please inquire with me at omerkula@kulaworks.com

I have an idea for a  dramedy television series, but I  want somebody to write the pilot. Think PUSHING DAISIES meets GLEE with a hint of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. Send your writing samples to Tim Bartow at baackflipcreator@aol.com under the subject line “pilot writer”. Non-paying gig.

Jnine Media and lead director are looking for feature length dark or quirky character driven comedies for option and production. (Examples: Juno, Napoleon Dynamite, School for Scoundrels) Family, character, and/or multicultural driven casts a plus. Script would be optioned and considered for 2013 production.  Budget range would be $200,000-$500,000. Option fee available. Please send the synopsis and/or script for your project to Jenn Shaw at jenn@jninemedia.com. The director will contact you directly with interest. Thank you.

Poquito Johnson films are in need of an experienced screenwriter to collaborate on a “on the fly” social media comedy sketch series which takes place in Tampa Florida. Ideal candidate would be in the Tampa area, be between the ages of 18-34, and of course be *frigging* awesome. If samples are submitted, please register them with an appropriate Writing Guild before submission. Currently position is non-paid. Contact Mutt Johnson at poquito.johnsonfilms@gmail.com


Building The Author Internet Presence — 2 Month Course by Jen Talty $40.00

Will be Offered May/June 2012

Register here. If you don’t exist on the Internet do you exist at all? Discoverability is the key to the 21st century author. In this workshop I will guide you through various on-line interactions that can help increase your Discoverability. In order to be discovered it is important to make sure everything you do has a unifying them. All of your interactions on the Internet have to be meaningful to you and your followers. We will discuss your banding and marketing plans, making sure you have all the key elements in place. This workshop is heavy in content and theory, however there will many exercises to help you increase your brand’s discoverability.

SHAPING YOUR STORY: Narrative Structure Workshop *5 places left

With Vicky Grut 
Saturday, 21 April 2012, 10.30am – 4pm

A practical day of writing exercises and focused discussion for novelists and short story writers who want to explore story structure. Come along and experiment with different kinds of story shapes or bring an existing story outline and get feedback on work-in-progress in a supportive environment. Cost: £85 includes tea, coffee and a sandwich lunch. Group limit: 12. 


Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests, classes, and conferences before you enter, and to copyright all your work before you submit.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

If you want more of me, you can also find me on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Linkedin

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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:

FICTION: Via First Writer

Graffiti Magazine Writing Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   10th April 2012
Fees:   £2 for one entry.
Prizes:   £25 for first place. Also magazine publication.
Details:   For short stories on any theme, up to 1,000 words.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   graffiti.magazine@yahoo.co.uk
Website:   http://www.wilkiemartin.com/competition.php

Wolfe Pack’s Black Orchid Novella Award
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st May 2012
Fees:   $0 for one entry.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. Also magazine publication.
Details:   For crime mystery novellas between 15,000 and 20,000 words.
Contact:   Jane K. Cleland, Chair, Jane K. Cleland, P.O. 3233, New York, NY 10163-3233
Country:   United States
Email:   jane@janecleland.net
Website:   http://www.nerowolfe.org/htm/neroaward/black_orchid_award/BO_award_intro.htm

Novelicious Undiscovered 2012
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   3rd April 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. Prizes include Kindle; vouchers; critique; books.
Details:   For the first 3,000 words of a chick-lit novel.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   undiscovered@novelicious.com
Website:   http://www.novelicious.com/noveliciousundiscovered2012.html

Best and Brightest Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   13th May 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £200 for first place. There are plenty of other prizes on offer as well- visit our website for further details!
Details:   A creative writing competition for student and graduate authors; a competition that isn’t just limited to the members of a single University’s Students’ Union, but one which is open to entrants from across the United Kingdom, and beyond! After judging all the entries on a regional basis, anthologies of the 10 regional shortlists will be published; and 2 months later, the readers’ votes will be counted to see who makes it into the FINAL anthology!
Contact:   292 Rochfords Gardens, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5XW
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   bestandbrightestcompetition@gmail.com
Website:   http://best-and-brightest.co.uk

Pearl Short Story Prize
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st May 2012
Fees:   $10 for one entry.
Prizes:   $250 for first place. Also magazine publication.
Details:For short stories up to 4,000 words.
Contact:   Pearl Short Story Prize, 3030 E. Second Street, Long Beach, CA 90803
Country:   United States
Website:   http://www.pearlmag.com/contests.html

Steyning Festival Short Story Competition 2012
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   £4 for one entry. Three for £10.
Prizes:   £250 for first place. £50; £25.
Details:   For unpublished fiction up to 1,500 words. Any theme.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   steyningbookshop@yahoo.co.uk
Website:   http://www.steyningfestival.co.uk/short-story-competition-2012


Shoreline Screenwriting Competition 2012
Entry Fee: £25 ($38approx) Early Deadline.The Competition Is Open!
Shoreline Scripts Screenwriting Competition 2012 is made up of a small team of experienced producers and script consultants.
Our strong relationships within the industry, both in the UK and US, enables us to pair the right projects with the most suited producer.
Prizes are great, but a writers biggest challenge is getting his or her work out there. That’s where we come in. Throughout the competition, and after, we will activelyget the best scripts into the hands of the people that can get them made.
Shoreline Scripts is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Website:   http://www.shorelinescripts.com/index.html


 *Open to published authors
**Open to published and unpublished authors

International Digital Awards (IDA)
Sponsor: Oklahoma Romance Writers of America
Fee: $15.00
Deadline: May 1, 2012
Eligibility: Any ebook with a copyright date of 2010 or 2011 that was eligible for sale in 2010 or 2011 and is NOT available in print.
Entry: Non DRM PDF as email attachment.
Categories: (All of the following offer BOTH a short/novella and a Novel category in each genre) Contemporary, Erotica, Historical, Inspirational, Paranormal, Suspense, Young Adult.
Judges: Readers, including other unpublished and published authors.
Top Prize: Winner of each category (short and Novel) will receive an engraved paperweight and reviews, tweets, and Facebook posts from at least five OKRWA members. Bonus prize: All entrants will be placed in a drawing for a free book trailer.
FMI, http://IdaContest.Wordpress.com.

(N.B. Only contact the companies listed below between 26 March – 17th April 2012)

Miso Studios seeks writers to produce witty and informative content for Social TV second screen platform. This content (we call them sideshows) will be synchronized in real time with the content from the your TV set-top box.  We are looking for writers that have a good understanding of social media space and technology-savvy.  The position will require 10 hours a week at flat rate to produce 5 sideshows and extend through an entire season (8-10 weeks). Go to http://goo.gl/DOmw6 to indicate your interest in the Miso Studio Writer position. Feel free to check out our website for more information: gomiso.com/sideshows

Cinemonger Motion Picture Company is seeking SCREENWRITERS to work with on developing feature films. Responsibilities: Work closely with producers to form characters, story and dialog; Brainstorm with the development team; Perform in-depth research; Write character bios, outlines, treatments, scenes, synopses and screenplays; Follow grammar, style and legal guidelines; Stay on schedule. Requirements: Must have completed a minimum of two feature-length screenplays; Must be extremely comfortable with screenplay format, structure and the English language; Must understand how a film is made and knowledgeable about film language; Must be a team player and open to criticism and direction; Must be a self-motivated individual; Must have the ability and talent to write in multiple genres. Please send cover letter, bio, filmography or resume and a 5-10 page sample in TWO of the following categories: Quirky Character Piece; Sexy Suspense/Thriller; Action Sequence; Teen Drama or Comedy (R-rated is OK); Family Drama or Comedy. DO NOT SEND more than 20 total pages. Send all materials to: ASSISTANT@CINEMONGER.COM Compensation is negotiable, depending on experience of writer and budget of project. On average of $400 – $1,000 initial payment. Plus back end profit sharing.

Looking for a STORY WRITER for a short film. The genre is psyhco-thriller. Premise, characterization and basic story arc is already chalked out. The writer needs to fill in the gaps with interesting events in the life of the character(s), add exciting and fresh story elements, build a dramatic conflict with suitable twists & turns. The film is intended for the festival circuit and movie channels on TV & online. Freshers are most welcome, provided they have keen sense of storytelling and a basic understanding of what is possible on screen and what not, within the limited budget of an experimental short film. People who are passionate about doing something different & exciting in this industry, please apply with your CV here and also send a short sample of your creative fiction writing to soumya.tvconceptsdev@gmail.com

We are looking for experienced screenwriters for the pre-production of a major film. Serious inquires only. All interested candidates must be familiar with the current standard screenplay format (i.e. Final Draft software). For more information, please contact Noel at sbv7four@gmail.com

Looking for a Latina screenwriter that wants to join me in writing a feature script based on my short film Neon Angels. (Neon Angels has played in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Atlanta Film Festival.) Pay will be $200 – after script is done. Contact me, Alex Clavijo, at asclavijo@yahoo.com

Online serial writer (GUIOPERA) seeks stealth screenwriter (someone who goes about their business undetected) for long term partnership to develop concepts and ideas for TV, film and online/video games. The partnership will yield new intellectual property for new company created by collaboration. so there is no pay in the first instance. Please email john@etfiction.com for more information.

Comedic screenwriter is on quest for epic collaboration with equally talented writer for dramedy project. Specifically looking for writer(s) with some experience. Must have a thorough knowledge of the 90’s. Send messages of interest to Mutt Johnson at poquito.johnsonfilms@gmail.com. Gig is non-paid.

V-FilmS is looking for film scripts, regardless of runtime or genre – however we give exciting and crazy scripts preference. Main condition for entries is that the scripts are innovative and can be produced on low budgets. Please send your script (include a short synopsis) to contribute@meridianum.eu. If you have no script as of now, send us a message anyway if you are interested in writing for us on a freelance basis. We are looking forward to your exciting work and stories.

Hi, I’m taking a producing program in NYFA. I’m looking for a script which is any genre but related with tourism, or travel, or theme park, or any kinds of movie theaters. Yor script would be developed as a feature film project for a student thesis, which include all business plans, bugeting, scheduling, and potentail director, potentail castings. If possible, I am going to find the resource to produce it. Contact me, James Chuang, at jameschuang0422gmail.com I’m willing to have an option agreement if the script has a potential to develop as a feature film.

Small video company needs a feature film screenplay for ultra low budget production. Shooting only in NYC area with 2-3 main actors. We can pay a little money. Contact Alen at alex.video@yahoo.com

Hi, I am looking for Writing Partners who are serious and creative. Looking for people who are willing to travel to meet just as i am willing to travel to meet. I have started multiple projects in the action and comedy categories and have acquired some good contacts to send material out when it is finished. You will receive a percentage of what comes out of the finished product. I have a great movie started that just needs some touching up on the script so it won’t take long to finish. I am looking to get 1-2 other writing partners to possibly develop into a real money making writing team. If you are interested please email me at darakkhamone@yahoo.com and we can exchange contact info. Thanks, Darak Khamone.

Central Station Media is a well-established production company that has filmed and edited over 500 TV commercials which have aired on national and International TV channels, and has produced 1 feature film to date. As we open our new Hollywood production facility our company will be selecting the 5 most-promising screenwriters (based on previous work), as well as the five most promising directors in a contest to showcase local talent and draw attention to our company’s new feature film production capabilities. During production, Central Station Media will provide all equipment, casting, and production facilities at absolutely no cost to screenwriters or directors. There is no pay associated with this project, but screenwriters and directors that are chosen will have access to a full studio of equipment to make their creative visions a reality. For Screenwriters: Please submit a SHORT screenplay that is 3-5 pages long, and preferably takes place in 1-2 locations. For Directors, please submit your resumes to the email associated with this posting. We look forward to reading your screenplays and resumes. Send to us at censtation@gmail.com

I am an award-winning director looking for a scriptwriter to collaborate on another short film in the near future. I have just finished another short but am hungry to collaborate on another exciting project. I have a great track record of successfully making the most of script ideas, delivering great pitches and overall achieving funding through national film funding schemes. I will use part of that funding to pay for the production rights to your script, so that your creativity and hard work are fully rewarded. I would like to receive any treatments/scripts for a short films that you have written and feel would make a good short film. Ideally looking for fictional dramas of any sort. Please email your submissions to Rohan Green: rrrproductions@hotmail.com Then we can speak soon and take it from there. In the meantime, here are a few links of interest: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/london/hi/people_and_places/2012/newsid_8950000/8950008.stm and http://filmlondon.org.uk/news/2010/july/award_winners_announced_for_best_of_boroughs Thank you.

I am a young score writer that has made many scores, but none of them have ever been used. I would love to work on a score for a movie. If you are interested in my full list of works and my complete bio, please contact me at mtmichael13@gmail.com

We’re a film team looking for some good drama/dramedy scripts. You should really only send scripts (to: storybirdfilms@gmail.com) that are WGA protected–it’s just a smart thing to do. For further info about us visit our web site at http://storybirdfilms.com/. You’ll notice a lot of comedy, but we’re looking to branch out. There is no pay, nor is there any plan to make money. This is art for art’s sake. If it turns out well, we’ll submit it around to festivals. Thank you.

I am a producer and starting a new company and need fresh, talented writers who can give words to the imaginations and can create a magic onscreen and can attract audience. Interested candidates can apply and can send sample of their work or loglines in any genre to me, Ekta, at ekta_lovesdancing@yahoo.com

Looking for screen/script writer for a short community music television show. One day shoot. Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis. Apply to Gabriel at amfestevents@gmail.com


Self-Publishing Options–6 Week Course taught by Bob Mayer & Jen Talty for $40.00

Will be offered April 2012

(Registration Open) Published author considering publishing your backlist? Unpublished author considering self-publishing? This workshop will look closely at self-publishing distribution channels from what kind of file you will need to upload your eBook to various options you have in creating the files. We will also discuss all the various platforms such as Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Smashwords and what are the best strategies to getting your book up for sale. We will discuss doing it yourself, outsourcing and team-building options. Authors have more options today than ever before, but the process can be overwhelming. While this is not a step-by-step technical class, the workshop is designed to give you enough information to make informed decisions on how to get your eBook on all formats possible. Course taught by Bob Mayer and Jen Talty

San Francisco Writer’s Conference – February 14-17, 2013

We are proud to announce bestselling author R.L. Stine will be our keynote speaker for 2013.

Continued for the 2013 SFWC  More conference! The SFWC will start on Thursday evening and run through the entire President’s Day weekend. Both new and returning attendees will appreciate the welcome session on Thursday evening (Feb. 14th) at no additional cost. As always, the main event is Friday through Sunday…but now there will be optional PreEvent and PostEvent Master Class writing intensive sessions which will be announced later this year. Watch your Newsletter for announcments. 
Click here for registration information.

Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests, classes, and conferences before you enter, and to copyright all your work before you submit.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

If you want more of me, you can also find me on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Linkedin

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