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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:

FICTION: Via First Writer

Narrative Magazine Winter Story Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   $20 for one entry.
Prizes:   $2,500 for first place. 1,000; $500; $100 x 10.
Details:   For unpublished fiction and nonfiction up to 15,000 words.
Country:   United States
Website:   http://www.narrativemagazine.com/node/163488

Hungry Hill Short Short Story
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   6th April 2012
Fees:   €5 for one entry. €3 for young writers
Prizes:   €150 for first place. Additional prizes for young writers.
Details:   A competition for short short stories (500 words maximum) on any theme. There is also an unthemed competition for under-18s, and a themed competition, The River, for under-14s.
Country:   Ireland
Website:   http://www.hungryhillwriting.com

Kelpies Prize 2012
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   29th February 2012
Fees:   £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £2,000 for first place. Also book publication.
Details:   For children’s novels, set in Scotland, between 40,000 and 70,000 words.
Contact:  Kelpies Prize 2012, Floris Books, 15 Harrison Gardens, Edinburgh EH11 1SH
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   floris@florisbooks.co.uk
Website:   http://www.florisbooks.co.uk/kelpiesprize/enter.html

Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st March 2012
Fees:   $4 for one entry.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. $100.
Details:   For stories of any genre, style, or length.
Contact:   Gemini Magazine, Short Story Contest, P.O. Box 1485, Onset, MA 02558
Country:   United States
Email:   contest@gemini-magazine.com
Website:   http://www.gemini-magazine.com/contest.html

Writers & Artists Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   14th February 2012
Fees:  £0 for one entry.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. Residential writing course.
Details:   For short stories up to 2,000 words on the theme: Identity.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   shortstorycompetition@bloomsbury.com
Website:   http://www.writersandartists.co.uk/writers/advice/stage2/competitions

Children’s Story for 5-8 year olds
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   31st August 2012
Fees:   £5 for one entry.
Prizes:   £100 for first place. Plus small paperback publication.
Details:   Write a story for 5- 8 year olds up to 5000 words – any theme First prize £100 plus small paperback publication, 2nd prize £50 plus website publications, 3rd prize £25 plus website publication.
Contact:   Competition secretary 18 Hillside Road Blidworth Notts., NG21 0TR
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   thynkspublications@yahoo.co.uk
Website:   http://www.thynkspublications.co.uk/competitions

Willow Springs Fiction Prize
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th March 2012
Fees:   $15 for one entry. $20 for international entries.
Prizes:   $2,000 for first place. Also publication.
Details:   For short fiction of any length.
Contact:   The Willow Springs Fiction Prize, Willow Springs, 501 N Riverpoint Blvd, Ste 425, Spokane, WA 99202
Country:   United States
Website:   http://willowsprings.ewu.edu/contests.php


Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Award
Category:   Scripts
Closes:   5th March 2012
Fees:   £5 for one entry.
Prizes:   £500 for first place.
Details:   For plays up to 30 minutes long, with a cast of no more than six.
Contact:   The Windsor Fringe Drama Writing Award, Suite 640, 24-28 St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berks. SL4 3BB
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   ann.trewartha@btinternet.com
Website:   http://www.windsorfringe.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=5&Itemid=14



*012 Touched By Love Award
Sponsor: Faith, Hope, and Love RWA Chapter
Fee: $20–25.00
Deadline: April 1, 2012, Midnight EST
Eligibility: Unpublished authors or authors not published in the last 3 years.
Entry: Electronic entry only. First 30 pages of an inspirational manuscript, 2-page synopsis.
Final Round Judges: Published Authors.
Top Prize: Overall winner gets an editor critique.
FMI, http://www.faithhopelove-rwa.org or email RileyK1@aol.com.

2012 Royal Ascot
Sponsor: The Beau Monde
Fee: $25 for Beau Monde Members for the first entry; $30 for Non Beau Monde Members for the first entry; $20 for subsequent entries. Multiple submissions welcome provided separate entry form and fee accompanies each.
Deadline: Friday April 6, 2012, midnight PDT: Deadline for all parts of entry.
Eligibility: Open to unpublished authors and authors who have not been contracted in book-length fiction by RWA PAN definition in the last 5 years. All entries must have at least partial Regency (Late Georgian) setting, broadly defined: within the United Kingdom between 1780 and 1840.
Entry: Entry length limited to 7,000 words (determined by computer word count).
Categories: Categories will only be used for first round judging. Six finalists will be determined based on highest score. Categories are: Regency Historical (longer Regency or Mainstream Regency-set); Hot Regency (Very sensual to Erotic Regency, at author’s discretion); Wild Regency (Paranormal, Time Travel, other similar Regency); Sweet & Mild Regency (Traditional, Inspirational, Young Adult or other without explicit sex)
Judges: Three trained first round judges, including at least one published author. Lowest score dropped.
Final Judges: A panel of agents and editors TBA.
Top Prize: $100 Grand Prize and a certificate.
FMI, email royalascotcontest@gmail.com or visit http://main.thebeaumonde.com.


I’m an experienced feature director in Los Angeles looking for an excellent  limited location script with limited cast that can be produced for under 500k.  I appreciate dark, strange and original material although smart comedies are fine too; please no sci-fi or romantic comedy.  Please send loglines, synopsis and query to Chris Iovenko at trickpictures@gmail.com. Pay to be determined.

OTLP is currently developing the television series THE KEYSTROKE KILLER based from the original short film by the same name.  After the short film became an instant cult classic receiving 1 million hits on YouTube, a television network wants it developed.  We currently have written 12 episodes, but need 23 for the first year, then if the series is a success up to 63 scripts.  These are one hour episodes.  If your spec script is used, you will be paid according to industry standards.  To write a spec script for KSK it must be based on our characters and storyline.  Please visit www.onthelotproductions.com for the character breakdown. Send inquiries to Carol Michaels at drcarolmichaels@gmail.com. Thank you.

We have a unique opportunity to produce a short film for upcoming high profile festivals. There is NO budget and VERY limited time to film, the script needs to take that into account. Limited characters and locations covering a legal subject or with a lawyer as a main character only. Any genre except horror. Please stay away from murder mysteries or “Law and Order” type scripts – they are overdone and populate this specific festival – think outside the box.  This film is for credit only as it’s a pet project strictly for a short festival run – so if you have 8-12 pages that fit the bill, want to see your work produced, and have you name in the credits as writer submit asap. Please put “law short script submission” in the subject line and send a logline and example. If it is something we think we can work with we will request a script. Also tell us a bit about yourself. PLEASE don’t submit until your script is a final draft. We’ll be accepting screenplays till Sunday, February 26th. Writers may be considered for future gigs. We have a full slate coming up the next year and work with award winning writers. Entries and query letters will not be accepted after the 26th unless specifically posted per project. Send to Ron Smith at info@2hfc.com.

I am a comedy actress and I am producing a sketch show pilot. My intention is to get it picked up by one of the big TV comedy production companies. I have some great contacts in the industry, but a fully polished pilot is expected of me if I want to be taken seriously. My inspiration is ‘Smack The Pony’, ‘Little Britain and the traditional sketch show formats from back in the day, such as Tracey Ullman, French & Saunders etc. I am looking for very varied character material and therefore would most likely end up working with multiple writers. I have some extremely talented and experienced actors to bring this pilot to life so at the very least you would walk away with some great showreel pieces of the comedy sketches you have written. This pilot is unfortunately unpaid at this stage but should negotiations arise with a big production company or broadcaster then a fair contract based on equity standards would be worked out. If this is something that you would like to be a part of then please can you email me some examples of your work. I would like to receive 2 contrasting sketches using any character types you like, preferably with a female character in both of the sketches. My email is melissahartzel@live.com. For your reference my acting work can be seen on my website www.melissahartzel.co.uk. It would be great to hear from you, I can’t wait to read your material! More Info: http://www.melissahartzel.co.uk.

LOOKING FOR TREATMENT OF FOUND FOOTAGE HORROR FILM This is a paid position for an up-and-coming screenwriter with some writing experience. If you have optioned screenplays before please let us know. We are looking to get a draft of a fully-developed treatment for a “found footage” horror film. Think “Repulsion” meets “Paranormal Activity”. Salary: $2,000 We would like to see two writing samples of features and/or short films. Please email: info@magnetfilmworks.com. More Info: http://magnetfilmworks.com. Thank you.

Dominic Perez is looking for love. Or should I say, I’m looking for a love story to produce into a feature film. If you’ve written a screenplay about love and relationships email me your synopsis to: domster2@gmail.com. This is a paying gig, but this project will be low-budget. Think Mumblecore or Dogma 95. My main focus will be on acting, character and relationships. More info at http://www.evilthingsmovie.com. Thank you.

I’m looking for a writer (or a couple of writers) to work with me to produce short films of 2 -15 minutes in duration. These films are mainly to build my portfolio (and yours) from script to screen. I have all kit for all these productions and have production contacts. I’m looking for a script of 1-2 characters set in a couple of locations, or one location. This needs to be filmed in London. More Info: http://www.jgrayonline.com. Apply to: James Ian Gray, info@jgrayonline.com. Thank you.

MAKS Entertainment (New Dehli, India) is seeking script writers/content writers with good command of English. 0-1 year experience for documentaries, corporate films, short films, TVC & AD films. Send inquiries to: info@maksentertainment.in. Thank you.

I am a Spanish producer working temporarily in NY and I am looking for a script. Genre: comedy or horror. Pay to be determined. Send your logline and full synopsis to producing2012@gmail.com. Thank you.

Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests before you enter, and to copyright all your work.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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This weeks competitions that have caught my eye:


K. Margaret Grossman Fiction Awards
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th January 2011
Fees:   $10 for one entry. $15 for two.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. $300; $200.
Details:   For unpublished stories up to 8,000 words. Any subjects and styles.
Contact:  Literal Latté Awards, 200 East 10th Street, Suite 240, New York, NY 10003
Country:  United States
Website:   http://www.literal-latte.com/contests/#fiction_awards

CNW Something a little different
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   15th December 2011
Fees:   £4 for one entry. Entry and critique £9.
Prizes:   £0 for first place. Estimate £20 plus for first place.
Details:   All entries must be between 1000 and 3000 words and based on the theme either directly or indirectly moving home.
Contact:   CNWriters c/o 6 Fox Close, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 5BY
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   cnwriters@btinternet.com
Website:   http://cnwriters.webs.com/currentcompetitions.htm

Children’s Chapter Book Competition
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th November 2011
Fees:   £20 for one entry.
Prizes:   £500 for first place. Full manuscript reviewed by agent.
Details:   Fresh, original and unpublished stories are sought for competition. Entry requirements: First three chapters or prologue and first two chapters; one page synopsis; chapter titles; author biography; contact details on separate sheet. Word count: 5000 words. Judged by talent scout for children’s publishers. Postal and online submissions accepted.
Contact:   Canterbury Court, 1 – 3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   info@chapteronepromotions.com
Website:   http://www.chapteronepromotions.com

Carpe Articulum Novella Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   7th January 2012
Fees:   $25 for one entry. $10 each additional entry. 5 entries maximum.
Prizes:   $1,000 for first place. $300; $200.
Details:   For stand-alone fiction up to 150 double-spaced pages.
Country:   United States
Website:   http://www.carpearticulum.com/submissions

Writer’s Toolkit Flash Fiction Comp
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   30th November 2011
Fees:   £3 for one entry. £5 for two.
Prizes:   £50 for first place. £25; £15.
Details:   For flash fiction up to 150 words (not including the title).
Contact:   10 Woodward Close, Pershore, Worcs WR10 1LP
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.writers-toolkit.co.uk/blog/?p=259

NaNoWriMo First Line Contest
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   4th December 2011
Fees:   $0 for one entry.
Prizes:   $100 for first place. $50 second, $25 third, 7 honorable mentions win copy of Your Writing Coach book.
Details:   Whether or not finish your National Novel Writing Month entry, if you get as far as the first line you can win a cash prize or free book! Prizes will be awarded for the best first sentence of a novel being written for this year’s NaNoWriMo. It can be funny, dramatic, scary or otherwise outstanding.
Contact:   85 Ridgmount Gardens, London WC1E 7AY – but submit via email to link below.
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   jurgenwolff@gmail.com
Website:   http://www.NaNoWriMoContest.com

Multi-Story Flash Fiction
Category:   Fiction
Closes:   29th February 2012
Fees:   £5 for one entry. £8 for two entries.
Prizes:   £300 for first place. 2nd place £100. 3rd place £50.
Details:   Open themed Flash Fiction competition. Word limit 600. The judge had eleven novels published before turning to writing screenplays for film and TV and remains a regular contributor of short stories and serials in magazines around the world. Her work has been translated into thirteen languages. Entries to be submitted on-line.
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:   http://www.multi-story.co.uk


2012 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest
Sponsor: The North Eastern Ohio RWA
Fee: $15–25.00
Deadline: February 14, 2012
Eligibility: Entrants must be unpublished in book-length fiction (minimum 40,000 words) in the last five years.
Entry: The first chapter, maximum of 7000 words. A one-page synopsis is optional and will not be counted as part of the entry. The synopsis is not judged.
Categories: Contemporary Series Romance, Single Title Contemporary, Historical Romance, Mainstream with Strong Romantic Elements, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult.
Judges: Experienced, published/unpublished. The top three finalists in each category will have their entry judged by an editor/agent final judge.
Top Prize: Winners of each category will receive a refund of their entry fee, a winner’s certificate and a contest winner logo graphic.
FMI, visit www.neorwa.com or email NEOContest2012@gmail.com.


International Student Playscript Comp
Category:   Scripts
Closes:   30th December 2011
Fees:   £0 for one entry. £5 to enter by email.
Prizes:   £1,000 for first place.
Details:   For plays in English by students of any age, studying anywhere in the world.
Contact:   The International Student Playscript Competition, c/o The World Student Drama Trust, 9 McIntyre Court, Studley Road, London SW4 6RX
Country:   United Kingdom
Email:   phil@isplayscript.org
Website:   http://www.isplayscript.org


BBC Radio 4: Opening Lines

The BBC Radio Drama Readings Unit welcomes unsolicited submissions from writers new to radio for their annual series, Opening Lines which is broadcast on BBC Radio 4.  

As well as broadcasting the three strongest stories in the summer of 2012 they will be publishing transcripts of the shortlisted stories on a new Opening Lines webpage.

The next window for sending in material is October 17th – December 2nd, 2011.  Stories submitted outside this time-frame will be returned unread.  Your story will be read and responded to within three months of the submission deadline.

Content and format:

They are looking for original short stories which work being read out loud i.e. with a strong emphasis on narrative and avoiding too much dialogue, character description and digression.  Pay particular attention to how the story opens and closes.  They’ll be looking to see whether the beginning of a story successfully links to how it ends.

The Readings Unit are interested in seeing stories which cover a broad range of subject-matter but material which explores particularly dark, harrowing themes is not best suited to Opening Lines.

The BBC has a rigorous taste and decency policy and cannot accept stories of a sexist or racist nature, or those which use the stronger swear words. The time allotted for each story is around 14 minutes, which means stories must be between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length.

Submissions must be typed and double-spaced on A4 paper and it is important to put your name and address on the script itself.  Please do not send a recording of the text.

Submission details:

When submitting your work, please include a SAE and a brief covering letter giving your name, e-mail address (if applicable), the story’s title, word count and details of writing track record. We regret that we can only accept one submission per writer and if we intend to broadcast your story we shall contact you.

Stories that fall outside these guidelines will be returned unread.
Please send us a copy of your story, not your original work.

If you would like to submit work to the London office please send it to:

BBC Radio Drama Readings Unit
Room 807, South East Wing
Bush House

Deadline: December 2nd 2011


Screenwriter with interest in ghosts wanted
Director/dp, planning to produce a short or micro-budget feature film within the next two months. Specific interest for this project is the phenomenon/shared experience most commonly referred to as “ghosts.” Would like to set the story in the slums of Brooklyn. Not interested in shooting a “found-footage” movie. Thinking more along the lines of Hitchcock or Japanese horror/thriller. See work samples at http://www.waltersdp.com/. Contact via email at christopherwalters@mac.com. Minimal pay. Thank you.

Short film script wanted
We are looking for a short film script (5 to 20 pages) to bring to life under director Michael Ferns. We prefer drama, but will consider sharp comedy. No horror or thriller. Commissioning for this script begins now and ends on Nov. 30th. We will film the script by year’s end. Email all scripts, premises, questions to Murray Alford at Scripts4.Upon.A.Wheel@gmail.com. Thank you.

Arabic scriptwriters needed
We are a fast growing media company specialized in content creation, content production and media management with offices in Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and most recently in Abu Dhabi. We are recruiting Arabic scriptwriters who have studied in the US. Based in Abu Dhabi. Good package offered including monthly salary. For questions and further information please contact Rita Hachem at ritahachem@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Producer/Director looking for short film script for production
Established director/producer is looking for writer with a short film to be produced next year and submitted to a workshop for production. Short would also be submitted to film festivals. A small flat fee would be given to writer for rights to produce the project and would be filmed in 2012 with funding production company. Looking for projects that could be done with moderate budget but nothing that requires over $20,000 to produce. Scripts must be no more then 15 pages or have the ablity to be shorten in that page range.
All genres accepted but priority for:
Romantic Comedies
Action Adventure
Please submit script for consideration with log-line to info@jninemedia.com. Writers with top scripts will be contacted for further discussion.

Action script, hockey – Flow Pictures
We are looking for a low budget COMMERCIAL Feature Action film script with a HOCKEY theme to produce. The selected script will be marketed to investors during the American Film Market in Nov 2011 and Cannes Film Market in May 2012. If you believe you have a strong script please send us your pitch at filmscripts@flowpictures.com, attention Gilbert Khoury. If yours is selected an agreement will be put in place and you will be paid a fair price for your script.

Screenwriter – Love and Crossbones Productions
We are looking for a screenwritier that is in tune with pop culture from the past few decades. More details will be given about the film when chosen. This is a paid job. All interested in this position please submit samples of your writing (or further questions) to us at shawnlcp@gmail.com. Thank you.

Screenwriters and scripts – NRI TV Film Club
Screen writers wanted to develop scripts. We are a production company looking to make films in India for Indian audiences in Indian languages. Please submit resume and a two sample complete scenes. Apply to Tirlok Malik at info@nritvfilmclub.com.

Please remember to check out legitimacy of all contests before you enter and to copyright all work.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

You can also find me on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Linkedin

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