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Firstly, I loved A. R. Braun’s blog post (http://arbraunsblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/twilight.html) but ashamedly I am a tiny bit of a Twilight fan. Happily though, I am not a Vamp lover, well not since the days of Spike and definitely not a Jacob the werewolf lover. Being old enough to be his mother makes it wrong on so many levels.

However, I did make it past Stephenie Meyer’s first Twilight book and enjoyed it enough to run straight out and purchase the second. Admittedly I brought the third book ‘just because I needed to know what happened’ and by the fourth book I really did not care, sourcing the conclusion from my friends. What niggled me most about Stephanie’s writing was the amount of repetition used, building what could have easily been a 350 page book to well over 500 pages. I agree too that Bella is a bitch and one of the worse main characters I have ever read about or seen on the big screen for that matter. Aren’t main characters supposed to have some redeeming qualities?

So where do I stand on Twilight? It’s definitely a love/hate relationship.

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