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At the moment, my life is busy.

Scripts, Warrior Writers, Social Media, and blogging – and that’s not to mention my kids, school runs, after school activities, the house, etc, etc, etc,…..it leaves me – yes, extremely exhausted and very little time to write my novel.

Still, we’d all rather be busy than have nothing to do, right?

So, last weekend I sat down to write and this is where I hit a snag.

I have three POV’s (Point Of Views) in my novel and all are from protagonists. I don’t use my antagonist POV – I prefer to show his evil ways through his actions. That leaves one other character; Billy the cop.

Up until now, Billy has always been in the company of a protag. But now I need him on his own and that means adding his POV. I’ve looked at approaching this scene from different angles, but there is absolutely no way around it: Billy has his fifteen minutes of fame and his own scene.

I feel totally comfortable with Billy having his own POV. He is a strong character with a main part to play in my story, but it did raise the question of how many POV’s are we supposed to have? Is there a limit?

I’ve trawled the internet tirelessly and this is what I’ve found:

* Most authors (writing in third person) use no more than three or four POV’s.
* Each scene should only have ONE point of view.
* There should be absolutely no ‘head-hopping’.

But, there are also downsides to multiple POV’s. Many readers find them confusing. But, Lord of the Rings managers to pull this off, so, are multiple POV’s really the problem, or just down to poor writing?

My view now? I am very nervous about adding a fourth POV, but as long as it’s justified (which it is), and keeps the story moving (which it does), then I think I’ll get away with it.

So, how about you guys? How many POV’s are you using in your current novels? Does the genre make any difference to how many you use? What is the most/least you’ve used in third person? What about when reading? How many do you prefer the auther to use? Does multiple POV’s confuse you. What limit do you think is the right amount?

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